Buy Game for Xbox1 or PS4?



Yeah I heard the ps4 pro performance was terrible. Just curious if the xbox verson was better. I already own the ps4 version, but since I have both consoles I only need it on one and was curious if the xbox 1 was better. My ps4 version stutters and lags like dookie when in the Sahara area and the frozen north near giants. As well as other ps4 bugs…


Oh nevermind,
Just watched a graphics comparison and the crudbox 1X can’t even beat the BASE PS4 is terms of graphics: fps, textures, draw distances, animations, and color all look better in the base ps4 version. Xbox 1 looks like a PC with low settings. Only thing xbox has going for it is the full nudity :wink: but in low res might as well not be there. Guess I will just play exclusives (Sunset overdrive, Gears, Halo, etc.) for the borkbox one then.


As a console player myself, I recommend getting the game for PC. That’s they only version the dev’s seem to care about. Consoles are like an afterthought for them even tho it’s a much larger potential market.

The building mechanic is currently broken on both consoles, and has been for over a month now.


This is present on PS4 as well, given you do not own a NA version of the game, I have an Australian version on PS4, and I have full nudity.


I can agree with recommending the game for PC if that is an option.
However, it is not because I believe that the developer only cares about PC. I would recommend that version because it can use mods and the performance can be adjusted by improving the system stats.

I cannot agree that consoles are a larger market. There is a reason that gamers call PC the master. It has a larger audience because it is more versatile. It also has fewer restrictions on what is in a game and how it is rated or presented.


I can agree with PC being the better option, mostly because of mods and the ability to tweak things easier. But the lack of “care” isn’t accurate. PC players get access to faster patches because Steam doesn’t have an authentication requirement. Xbox its 5 days minimum, PS4 can be up to that amount if problems are detected.

Thus, PC ends up getting patches faster and are often the guinea pigs (as is the case with the latest hotfix). If the Hotfix we received on PC the other day went off without a hitch, PS4 and Xbox would be going through or already be done with their authentication process. If you ignore the (not quite functioning) hotfixes PC players received this week, consoles and PC would be at the same version.

As far as market, volume of sales I believe was much higher on PC since EA was first launched on PC. Doesn’t matter which of the two markets are largest, PC players bought the game, so did console players. Both markets deserve attention, PC player dollars are not more valuable then Console, and vice versa. It’s not a Console vs PC war, we’re all part of the same community (as cheesy as I know that sounds).


Wow. I thought it was pretty obvious I was only making a glib remark here. Clearly OP is a Sony fan and made up their mind long before I posted, and going PC wasn’t even part of the question. I didn’t realize I needed a sarcasm disclaimer on this forum.

But since this is the second thread I’ve got both of you attacking something I said, let’s discuss the points that were brought up.

First, I don’t want to get into the whole PC vs console debate here. Not the right place. Plus it’s a tired cliche that goes nowhere.

Second, of course mods are the greatest attraction to PC gaming. Mods are awesome. Look at any Bethesda game. They’re obviously not available to us console gamers though.

Third, I agree that the early access process is the reason why PC has the largest amount of players in CE. This continues today, and is why it gets the most attention both here and in the game development. For example, there’s no testlive servers for consoles.

That’s perfectly understandable, but coupled with the unstable nature of the game and its updates, (which console players tend to hate and avoid) makes it seem like we’re an afterthought to the devs. I could also list a few things missing from both consoles that have been in the PC version since ea.
I’ll admit I was definitely being salty tho.

If I could afford a good gaming rig to get the best performance possible, I would certainly build one and play any multi-platform game that way. I think anyone that’s anything more than a casual gamer would agree. I think we’d all own all 3 platforms (ok 4 w/ Nintendo) if we could.

@Shadoza this is one of the many reasons the term “PC master race” exists, but not the only one. (The whole mac vs PC debate is another.) What you listed there were more reasons to choose PC over either console though, which I would also be inclined to agree with. It doesn’t demonstrate a bigger market though.

As for market sizes, that’s tough to actually research real numbers on. But anecdotally, almost everyone I know under 40 has owned some console at some point in their lives. Filthy casuals like my sister and her bff would fall into this category, lol.
I meet a good number of people in my job from all walks of life, from 18 to 80. I find myself talking games with a lot of console owners.
Only dedicated gamers invest the time and money to buy/build a PC to play games on however. The stuff’s expensive.
There’s a reason a lot of AAA multi-platform games come out for ps4 and xbox first, and then are ported to PC at some point afterwards. Red Dead Redemption is a recent example of this.

And Conan Exiles has barely tapped the xbox market in my opinion. As I said in another post, only 6 of my roughly 100 friends on xbox live have ever played it. 6%. Only 2 of them made it to level 30. Only 1 to 60. None of them are currently active. I didn’t even know it was available for xbox until the free play weekend happened.

Finally, (crap this is getting really long) @Multigun no offense to you personally, but since you brought it up I need to address this…

I can’t speak for Sony, but I’ve been told by 3 different reps from 2 different departments at Microsoft (customer service and tech support) that there is no authentication or certification process for updates on xbox either. Publishers just push them out as they see fit and you’re forced to install it, unless you’ve turned automatic updates off and decide to just go offline and play solo everytime. Publishers only need to go through certification for stuff in the store, like the dlc. There is also nothing stopping them from rolling back an update to a previous state if they choose to.

I saw them give this as the reason for the long delay repeatedly during the Halloween fiasco. I had just joined here and didn’t want to be that guy who starts an account just to call the mods liars, so I didn’t say anything at the time. I can’t stay quiet anymore though since it’s still being repeated.

I’m also reaching my limit with some of these bugs and that frustration tends to leak into some of my posts here. The building mechanic hasn’t worked for 42 days and counting now on xbox, and that’s my main attraction to the game and the reason I bought it after that free weekend.


Like what?

I admit it’s been a while since I read up on it, but there is still a certification process for patches. Unless you think it’s a vast conspiracy that multiple developers are all coordinating on. Even Epic has a certification process for the bloody dev kit.

What building mechanics specifically? I would suggest making a separate post and bug report. Building Quality-of-Life updates are part of Funcom’s core focus push this month and February. So any data you can provide on how the building system isn’t working for you would probably be helpful.


Things missing off the top of my head…

  1. Being able to remove thralls from workstations without having to destroy the bench first.
  2. Remappable buttons. There’s only 2 controller schemes and neither is close to what I want.
  3. Footprints. A small detail but something I keep noticing when I watch videos on YouTube.
    There’s a couple more but that’s just what I can think of at the moment, without booting the game up to remind myself.

Maybe it sounds like a good excuse so they’re all using it, and Microsoft hasn’t caught on or come down on them publicly? I don’t know, but the company behind pubg hasn’t exactly earned my trust either, so maybe not the best example. And I have no opinion on dead by daylight, but I have heard whispers of cash-grab.
Maybe it is a conspiracy lol.

Again I’m just repeating what multiple representatives from Microsoft have personally told me on the phone. I called them twice during the Halloween thing, and again when I accidentally started installing the December 10 update. I had already read the building bug here and was holding off on the update since I play solo anyway.
Chose not to refund the game when they offered btw. I just want to play the game I bought.

The bug in question that’s affecting building was introduced in that dec 10 update. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the PC version but it’s been reported on both consoles already. Here’s a current thread where I kinda lost it when the new mod gave us the standard answer he was probably told to give (sorry bout that @Ignasis) …

Some players are finding it easy to deal with but it’s making me want to throw my controller across the room. I can’t even count how many times I’ve turned the game off in frustration trying to build a second base up north.

  1. Well, that’s obviously a bug. If you are able, I would suggest a bug report on that one. I don’t think it’s on Trello, so even if it’s an oldy bugy, a reminder wouldn’t hurt.

  2. They commented on this one, but I don’t remember when, or the context. I just barely recollect somebody talking about it at one point somewhere (Reddit maybe?). Not that it’s of any help or anything. It personally would drive me nuts to not be able to keybind change stuff (and why I’ll never be a straight up console gamer.) Conan Exiles isn’t alone in this department with being unable to customize your controller layout, at least in my experience.

  3. Footprints? Huh, not sure if this is intentional (as in left out due to Console Performance, Physics based stuff like Footprints can sometimes be more taxing then we realize. Or require hardware that consoles may simply not have) or just a bug. In either case, bug report as well, for clarification if nothing else.

You are welcome to believe whatever you want to believe I guess. But unless actual evidence is provided, I’m going to go with the dozens of developers on this one. Maybe they misunderstood your question or something over at Microsoft, but certification as part of the patch process has been around for several years now. The only difference between then and now is that it’s faster, and free (it used to cost companies thousands of dollars).

As for the building bug, I’m not 100% certain this is the same bug, but yesterday on Reddit, somebody asked if that bug was being fixed

Poster: Please fix building implementation as its become annoying having to kick and punch before placing building structures.

So I know it’s aggravating (I can definitely understand, I’m a building fan) but the ETA given for the testlive patch to roll over to live is end of January, or early February, assuming it’s the same bug. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Yes!!! BI-partisan gaming. IT should be a thing :slight_smile: Can we have one area in America where we don’t have fanboy wars and have to choose ( I-phone/Droid, Chevy/Ford, Pepsi/Coke, DCEU/MCU,Star Wars/Star Trek, Normal people/Gingers :wink: ). Lets make CE the first Bi-Partisan game community. Help each other help ourselves.


It’s all feelgood until you realize what lack of competition does. You need the “smack” to force better products/production/quality/etc. I don’t know your age but I remember when Ma’ Bell had everything and you couldn’t call your girlfriend that lived in the next closest town for five minutes without your mother wanting your head. Or… even more recently think “Blockbuster” or “AOL”. You’ll get the drfit. Competition goood. Now if only I could turn my heat above 70 without a second mortgage…


My posts might disagree with your beliefs; however, they are not intended to be an attack, just a different point of view. If you recall my post, I agreed with part of your statement and disagreed with another part.

I own more than 4 consoles, at least one of them is considered a relic (Atari) rather than a toy.

We obviously come from different social circles; however, nearly everyone I relate to (regardless of age) has a console as well. They also have PCs, most have more than one in the home. My argument was not with what is owned, rather it is what is the better platform for playing Conan: Exiles specifically, and gaming in general.


Android, Ford, Coke, (don’t like comics) Star Trek, and (don’t like people either) :wink:
I don’t have to choose, but I do. Most folks have reasons for making their choice even if the reasons are not proven or sound. We can also choose neither or both.

The original choice between Xbox and PS, is one of those personal preference things.

The best choice for less lag, more content, faster updates is obviously PC. Since PC isn’t one of the options, the choice comes to two consoles that play much the same. Content and updates are the same. The issue of lag is more based on HD space and ISP service. I have noticed that PlayStation users post with less salt so maybe choose them. I prefer PlayStation over Xbox because PS has more stability in the areas of my interest.


I wanna say Ps4, cause exp I’ve had up till katana update has been decent… everyone pretty much got screwed on meteor event.

Ps4 community has been really good, thou again, Katana update killed game… and forums there kinda took a turn to trash cans.
If next patch fixes l2r2… and its decently playable with out to many blue screens. thumbs up I guess.
I havnt played since end of Dec, to frustrating right now.

My vote is for PC…it’ll likely be longer living community. XD


I am all for competition. I just wish people could choose without beijng internet thrashed. Its the flaming fan boy wars of keyboard warriors that gets old. it is okay to identify with one brand more strongly, but to constantly bash the other side just because they are different is what i hate, and i think is the biggest problem in society today. Live and let live i say. Give an opinion. But don’t get angry when someone disagrees, and if you don’t like their opinion to a point of anger, you don’t have to engage with that person. I always just ask myself when i am getting angry, will this matter in my life in 5 years? The answer is 95% of the time “No”, so i just move on from it.


I recommend you to buy PS4


Hey no worries. I was just noting this was the 2nd time the same couple people quoted me specifically to debate me on something, and I thought it was pretty obvious I was only making a smartass remark in this case. No offense taken.

I was referring to current generation, but yeah, I still have my old NES and original gameboy in a box in the closet, lol. Along with a bunch of others.

Clearly but nothing wrong with that. And we do come from one that’s the same: we’re both exiles in this strange land.

Most eveyone I know owns a PC too, but they’re not used for gaming, or even capable of it. My argument was there’s a lot of console owners out there who don’t own a GAMING pc, and that’s a very profitable market that’s largely untapped with this game.
That being said, I agree that pc is a better platform for most games.

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