Buyable Dodge/Roll?

Do you think it is possible to buy a item that gives old dodge/roll back?

It’s freaking terrible. Playing this game freaking hurts.

I will legit pay 50 dollars for a DLC that remove the terrible dodge roll feature.

Hell I’d even be willing to do a subscription. Funcom, can we make this work?

I want to give you money!

I will pay double in fact. I will pay 50 for a new game, and then 50 for the dlc. You can sell another copy, get some dlc cash, and you can offer something you took away that wasn’t a problem!

I’m serious about this. I don’t care if I shouldn’t have to pay 50.

I will.

I just want to have fun again. Would be even willing to buy into a legacy server that has the dodge roll.

I’d go anywhere to revert this sack of bricks dodge.

I think the point of rolling, should be…rolling.

So yeah, is this possible at all Funcom?

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I agree to pay too :slight_smile:

We already got movement back to normal, so the next battle is to get old roll back!

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