Buying more than 1 point in Attributes

Had the idea that would make switching your attributes easier, the ability to hold either shift or ctrl and it would buy 5 points at a time, bumping it up to the next perk. I find with 3.0 im changing my perks more than i used to (which i dont mind), i just think it would be nice to be able to switch a bit faster.


Yes, two ideas regarding this.

  1. Click a perk and if enough points are available, receive a prompt to spend x amount of points to obtain the perk.

  2. Save loadout favourites.

I always thought with the current attribute system it would be nice to do either of these, instead of clicking 100+ times to respec.

It’s not as much annoying now but would still be a nice QoL.


I thought of this too but i think its been suggested before.

Since armor has changed and isnt so dependent on your build now i love the idea tho and i hope they implement it.

Quick pop of a potion and then maybe a list of previously saved attribute builds to choose from


I support this. This feature is already available for controllers, and can only be accessed by keyboard through modifying .ini keybind files, but that runs the risk of launch errors necessitating steam files verification.

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