C++ Redistributable Corrupted

What can cause corruption of the C++ redistributable ?

I found the culprit that’s been locking up the system.
I uninstalled all versions with the Uninstall Program feature,
then installed the latest version.
Since then, no further game lockups and no further whole system lockups.

Have you tried to verify files integrity with Steam? Right Click Game > Properties > Local Files Tab > Button to check integrity

Believe me. I’ve done everything I can possibly do.
Nothing corrected the issue until I followed a lead on the system lockups and BSOD related to the C++ redistributable and found that on the Microsoft Support Website.
I had several C++ redistributables showing up in my program manager dating back to 2014 up to 2019.
It wasn’t until I dumped those, then downloaded and installed the current x86 and x64 versions that the problem was resolved.

I wasn’t aware there was a Redistributable feature in Steam. That’s news to me, so I’ll look into it.
Thanks for the information.

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