[Cabal / Bank] Purchasable Cabal bank access?

[Cabal] Is there a possibility of a reduced cost Patron level for Cabal bank access only, or an access charge / purchasable for a certain number of withdrawals from the Cabal bank?

Anecdotally, this is a big pain point for F2P players that I know, and it could be a revenue stream?

I have posted this in the suggestions thread also, but at ~1.2k replies it’s a hefty lad to look over…


I would agree with this, or something like the Trans-dimensional bank access gadget in TSW. The almost useless FATE dude that is essentially a vendor, that you can find anywhere on any map already without its purchase, is of little to no use. So perhaps a one time purchasable item of a TD & cabal bank gadget with permanent access (within cabal permissions) would be very useful, but again at the same time would probably incur a loss, as If it were me, and others like me, we would buy the item and never sub again. Six and two threes really, which way do you want to pay for your items? Certainly won’t be twice.
Doesn’t really matter how you sell that, it doesn’t sound too healthy.
But access for the F2P community could be helpful.
I like the idea.

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Great idea, lets hope they pay attention & agree :upside_down_face:

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It’d need to be a repeating purchase instead of a one time payment to work as a revenue stream. I don’t think they’d be able to make much from it though, just because people wouldn’t pay very much just for that one thing.

Oh definitely, that’s why I suggested a number of accesses or a reduced sub access fee rather than a flat purchase.

FATE - excellent for regional

Well, as I said in another thread, I think it’s absurd that non-subscribers don’t have access to the cabal bank access.

Otherwise, I think more inventory space is the best place to monetize, as opposed to pay to win stuff, like cache keys.

I always subscribe to games that I like if given that option (to support games I like), but some of my friends can’t afford it.

Given the choice between the two, I’ll always choose my friends.

If you think cache keys are “pay to win”… I’m not even going to finish that sentence.

SWL is extremely generous towards F2P players. But I hope you and your friends find a game where you can have fun together and hopefully have less to quibble about.

Please do explain why cache keys are not pay to win, as opposed to cabal bank access.

It depends on how you define pay to win (there are many different perspectives).

Cache keys can be used to speed up the levelling process, but you don’t get anything with them that you couldn’t get without them. Pay to win normally gives you an edge over non-paying players, which cache keys don’t do.


Pay to advance I think

Third Age Fragments. Without 300 of those you cannot purchase the Solar Shard you need to complete your Museum.
And without a complete Museum, there is clearly no winning.

True, you do need to exchange a load of MoF for aurum if you want to get that solar shard!

There’s never a wall where a free player can’t progress as far as a paying one. It just takes more time and effort.


Well, all I can say is that requiring a wall in the definition of “pay to win” is a new one on me. A simple search on “pay to win” reveals that your definition is not universal.

There is no universal definition. Though it’s a very common idea that something will separate paying and non-paying players (aka a pay wall).
From wikipedia:
“In general a game is considered pay-to-win when a player can gain any gameplay advantage over his or her non-paying peers”.

There is no gameplay advantage over non-paying players. Even the solar shard can be bought (eventually) for MoFs by exchanging for aurum.


The definition of “pay to win” is muddy because the term inevitably gets thrown around whenever a game allows you to pay for anything that isn’t purely cosmetic.

My definition of “pay to win”, which you may or may not agree with, is paying to access things that are better than anything that can be obtained by a free/non-paying player.

For example, if you had to pay to be able to obtain or equip extraordinary talismans or weapons, that could be considered pay to win. If you had to pay to fuse gear to legendary, that could be considered pay to win.

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That’s pretty much my point, which is why I objected to the wall stuff.

Aeryl has since explained their point of view.

I don’t agree with it, but I’m not going to argue about whether purple is better than blue or red.

I’m playing another game now, as are my friends, but I do log on to SWL daily to get at least the cache key, and will do so as long as my subscription is active.