Cacti don't always drop wood now?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [AU/PAL]

It seems since the second part to patch 34, the cacti in the desert are no longer guaranteed to drop wood, let alone cochineal, sometimes I can hack at a cactus with a hatchet and get only wood, other times just cochineal, occasionally a combination of the two and sometimes nothing at all. It seems that the pick has roughly the same drop rates as the hatchet does, which in and of itself is odd.

In fact the chances of getting nothing from them seems oddly high, making them a non-viable resource to farm from. Cacti also seem to be the only resource that has the possibility of giving nothing when farming from it.

why would any cacti yield wood

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Maybe Cacti should give off resin. I know its 100% accurate, but it would be closer to the liquid one gets from inside of cactus leaves.

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Thank you, CrystalGoddess, for reporting this :slight_smile: I did a quick check on the PC version, which has the same amount of fixes and updates as the PS4 version, and was able to get both wood and cochineals with a Stone Hatchet.

As far as I know we haven’t changed the drop rates with Update 34, but I’ll have one of our designers take a look at it just to be safe.

Now finally take a look at the numbers you harvest with different tools from dead animals, the drop(rate)s do not make sense since weeks, especially with the skinning knife and the cleaver and I haven´t seen a commentary on this from a Community Manager yet.

anyone notice the superfast crafting glitch? weird.

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