Cafe Gaming Whitelist AOC 18+ Non-Toxic PVE Server - Whitelist is Open

Cafe Gaming Whitelist AOC 18+ (PVE) Wiped 12/7

3x XP, 1.5x Harvest, 5x Stacks and 10x storage size

Non Toxic PVE whitelisted server for polite adults

To join please put your steam ID (see pinned post) into the conan whitelist request channel. Our admins are volunteers so thank you for your patience while the first available admin gets to you :heart:

Cafe gaming is a group of game servers started by a small group of friends with a shared passion for non-toxic online gaming. Just like going to a friend’s house to chill, we strive to create a digital couch to crash on for the night and game with good company. Our server population is mainly composed of friendly and respectful adults who enjoy helping others and building a cohesive community. CG has two 7 days to die servers, a Rust server, a starbound server, and a Conan Exiles server, all PVE.


Server Name: Cafe Gaming Whitelist AOC 18+

Server IP: steam://connect/

Platform: PC

Server Location: USA

Map: Exiled Lands

Rates: 3x XP, 1.5x Harvest, 20x Stacks and 10x storage size

Server Rules: Age 18 and over only

Features: Warps around map. Daily goodie kit. Home set, home, and return commands. TP to other players.

Wipe: Every 3 months at Conan Content Updates (Chapter releases)

Last Wipe: 12/7/22



Unlock Plus

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Less Building Placement Restrictions addtl feature

Motion Sickness Fixes

The Age Of Calamitous

Tier 4 followers - Mild Increase Spawn

Thralls level to 100

Better Thralls

RA: Fantasy Extension

RA: Character Customisation

Kerozar Paragon Leveling max level 300


Improved Quality of Life


Stacksize Plus (set to 5x)

Hosav’s Custom UI Mod(waiting for update to re implement)

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Wiped 12/7!

Whitelist is back open! Come hang with us on your holiday break :slight_smile:

Server is no longer in service