Caged thralls, respawn broken

i got so many keys i dont know what am i going to do with them, every time i go to a camp, the jailer is there, it drops a key and the cages are usually empty, would be possible to link the cages respawns with the jailors? otherwise we will end up with chest filled with keys, keys with out purpose.


Hiii Palm! Hope we remain cool this time :))

I am with you on this one also. Although yesterday the cages gave me 2 bearers t4 which ended up with 11200 health :))

I currently have 68 keys. Cages are almost all empty, but if you log in directly After a Server restart all cages have something inside.

Have you noticed any other thralls to come out of the cages? I have only seen low Level fighters and bearers.

Another issue about the cage rescue, is the amount of thralls gathering outside the camps. People rescue them, and do not break bonds if unwanted.

Wouldnt those thralls be killed by the npcs in those camps? They die quite fast in rags and nothing to heal themselves.

My Server wont have this issue ever, cages are empty 20 hours out of the 24 :stuck_out_tongue:

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