Call to action. Conan is in danger. :)


Yes its a problem on pvp to…


I’ll be honest… they need trash land claim via building in favor of land claim flags, (as I’ve mention before like broken record)

Lands Claim Flags “bubble” can not over lap another players, they can not be within 1m of another bubble, they can not over lap non-build zone. (obelisk, world bosses, add few of resources locations)

So even if a clan of trolls makes a wall, there would be a 1meter gap all over. Anything not in flags radius dies to decay very fast. No more umbilical cords.

Visiting one of there flags, resets them all. (and since there a gap… no one can actually block anything, or despawn stuff in mass.

Give player a small flag, for start base at start of game, give them big one at lv10, and 2nd one later.
Clans get a “large” flag. (head of clan gets it) You get 2-3 large flags and 3-4 small ones.

Campfires/bedrolls, trebs dont decay as fast do to need.

Building Limits Anyone?

now another problem official server do not have admin, and there are some ppl are using DDoS to attack the server, mostly is the PVP server, the game is 1020 ping and cannot play it at the time.

This Also killing the game, about who are love the play into the official server.

also for PVP server, at the bring Funcom is offering PVP-Fast server and each month will be wipe.
I that is the good idea, for long term… PVP server should wiped completely maybe seasonal.

Thank you.


Sorry man this doesn’t apply to pvp. Thats the nature of the game in pvp. It says dominate in the title.

I wish people realized that dominate doesn’t really apply to pve. Pve is supposed to be people working together. But ya know. Everyone is pretty much a selfish entitled child online. at least 90%.

As for your pvp problem. You say you have like 4k hours? everything you’re saying just makes it sound like the problem for you is you’ve never gotten a chance for whatever reason to become an alpha clan and it bothers you. It’s like a few people have said. This isn’t a problem in pvp. The solution specifically for you isn’t to block off areas. It’s to remove the limited structure attack time.

But too many people complain about offline raiding. Which is stupid because like I said essentially pvp is straight up war in this type of game. Of course you want to attack at optimal times. Use the best plan you can.

People seem to think pvp in this game is supposed to be just people fighting each other. It’s not. Yes it sucks to lose all the stuff you built cause you weren’t there. But thats the way war is. It’s brutal.

Now pve conflict the moderation is required. See that’s where you go if you want to just treat this like normal pvp. And you don’t want to have to defend your base 24/7.

Not trying to be rude or anything cause I don’t want to argue but it sounds to me like the problem was all your server hopping. why switch servers so often?
Also you say you have a limited attack window right? And it’s impossible to attack to free up an area for long enough right?

The solution to that is stockpiles bombs. And I mean stockpile. Gather enough bombs to destroy a whole base. Then locate the base or bases of the ones blocking everything. And destroy it all in one go. You said you have friends? Use a few to or one person who’s good at surviving to be a decoy. Lure them away from the target area.

You could have one guy max out encumbrance and be the bomber. Which honestly all I’ve said sounds fun. But this requires time and dedication.

If you wipe them completely they might leave the sever. But I have a strong feeling after doing all of that. If you’re successful. Youl be the one building blockades to vital areas. I know if I went trough all that I would.

But. As for me. I’m not doing all that by myself. Not interested in constant warfare by myself.

Also I’m quitting official servers cause I’m sick and tired of having wall wars being waged on a pve server and having to worry if an area is going to be blocked next time I get on. Cause people seem to think blocking vital areas will help in pve. Not even Talking bases. Just straight walls.

Unfortunately fumcom doesn’t care about the quality of servers. Just making money.

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Dear KDS!

Ping problem its another problem and im not sure about DDos :slight_smile: Here a want discuss only blocking problem! And so, you’re right. This is a separate topic for discussion.

Dear Fire! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beer:

The topic was created to discuss blocking prevention.
You take everything very seriously … :slight_smile:
Thank you for your concern, I’m fine! We basically have no problems!

We have alpha on many servers, but we have never done that. We did not block obelisks and resources, but when we come to a new server, where a thick alpha clan sits, we very often encounter the fact that people, demonstrating their weaknesses, block the possibility of a full-fledged game. Blocking obelisks and resources. And, unfortunately, it is very simple. Of course, the entire server consists of 50+ buildings and mega-objects, various stashes and hard bases for raids, under textures bases and objects, but it is just very difficult for us to intervene and change the situation due to the blocking of resources and obelisks. (does not have enough explosives)

All this is very harmful to the mood of the players (and, of course, newbies), like many other problems and shortcomings in the game, but in THIS TOPIC I would like to decide exactly with THIS topic. Not with the theme of raid time, not with ping, not with textures or glitchers (not all of this requires correction, in my opinion). Only through obelisks and resources. :slight_smile:

“why switch servers so often?” Because we are winning and everyone is running away, and we are running after them (or just where there are people) to other servers in order to continue fighting. And there again you need a lot of resources and a lot of time.

“The solution to that is stockpiles bombs. And I mean stockpile.” That would solve a lot of problems, but it’s just not possible with locked resources, right? :slight_smile:


You don’t want to discuss things that tie into your topic so you limit solutions. So the only solution is moderation. But due to greed from g portal it won’t happen.

However. I can’t ignore you saying people are showing weakness for blocking off strategic points.
It’s smart is what it is. Annoying for the attacking side but smart for the defenders.

Your idea sounds good for pve but people would just build bigger and further away. Pvp doesn’t need it.


I think that building is so cheap contributes a lot to this problem.
Another aspect is that there are no real siege weapons besides avatars that could cleanse an area of building spam.
Maybe it would be enough to change the balance in these matters, to make this problem less prominent on official servers.

I also dislike the foundation-terrace PvP meta. It shouldn’t be so easy to spam foundations just to gain a huge area landclaim.

More definite solutions would be sth like in rust that limits your building radius.


That’s right, fully agree.
Restrictions will only push the limits further, and it’s a unending game.

Then people should consider that there are different communites. What may be fine for one, isn’t stil great for the other.

For me the only real answer for official servers that could work are admns, unfortunately this will never happen.

Then whatever is done, it shouldn’t affect singleplayer game. What is fitting on a pvp server, will not be appreciated on privat servers or SP gamers.
Also many privat role-play servers use these areas to build arenas, create events, and more.
Again, these playerbase would not be happy if such restrictions are done.
Or options should be implemented so that all communities can play with theyr proper settings fitting the chosen gamestyle.


Yeah man but the problem with that is trusting the Admin. Sure every Admin is going to say they dont abuse their power and every fan boy of a server they like is going to say their Admin is good. But ya never really know until you join and a week later see the Admin clan breaking their own rules. WHICH they have every right to do because it their server.


No restrictions. Flag bubbles will only limit the area in which a player can build and expand. Most players are respectful, this method punishes everyone for the acts of a few. Most like those few will just keep doing what they are doing…disrupting the game.


Oh hell yes I support a building radius. Make it increase via clan size. Not by allot maybe half the solo player radius so a max clan of 10 has the radius of 5 people combined.

Of course this eliminated outposts. Unless its a set radius per person in which case buildings will have to be player owned and not clan owned.

But I think this is on to something.

Also for those worried you wont have your mega builds; funcom can make it server setting where you can extend the radius or disable it for private servers. But the lawlessness must end sometime.


Dear Fire!
I hear you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beer:

Dear Olumat!
Its a big balance problems! And great idea about building rust! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beer:

Dear Vattende!
Great idea about different methods for different server type! But its so hard… :frowning: :crazy_face:

Dear kevbal!
I totally agree with you, so I dont play on private servers! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dear Shadoza!
I am in favor of not allowing players to play not by the rules in everything! :innocent:

Thanks for all of you guys!!


Sorta, not really. If your with a Clan, thats alot of flags between all members, Long as theres 1m gap. we cut back alot of BS.

Ever server I have been on has some nitwit being a bumpkin… its wide spread issue on ps4 sides.
My suggestion is just that, a suggestion, The number comes simply from other posts about how many bases they had.

Devs can take it, and rework the amount anyway they see fit. But we need a fix. And this has been better idea posted for matter.

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I can see the best option being a structure limit for a solo player or clan.

  • Apply the structure limit to everything within render distance.


  • Apply the structure limit to the entire clan across the map. A little more harsh, but are the only options I see for this problem.

Blocking is going to be a constant problem, Structures can be destroyed in PVP, and comes down to reporting excessive blocking in PVE.

With the ability to see “ownership” on any structure does make it easier to see who the trolls are on any given server.

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I like to build. I play solo. I do not want restrictions on my building.

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Just using it as an example, games like ark have a building cap, let alone a dino cap too.


I understand you point.
There is a reason why I don’t play Ark.


I understand the problem because it’s real.

Honestly, we play on an offical server (PvE-C) and we adopted a winning strategy in the long run:

1- being always helpful with new players (most of them in the long run will become powerful allies)

2- occupy with arcs and other means to force the passages to stay open each important passage on the map and mantain it.

3- build more structures (like open maprooms, bridges etc.) to make NEW (and alternative) paths to access important places of the map free for all players.

4- help ALL peoples who ask your help

5- when a troll-player or clan appear on the server:
5a - immediatly speak with them, sometimes people are unaware they’re ruining the game for all others people, sometimes simply do mistakes.
5b - if the people you spotted could not be stopped from being blocks and stupids things start a war against them abadoning any fair play using every trick and dirty strategy you know until you’ll drive out them from the server.

Use the first 4 points of this stragegy for 2-3 months caused all 60 lvl clans of the server where we play our allies, and they start to use the same strategy.

After 9 months of play our server is free from block and a beautiful place where to play for new players, its population increased over the time, in the end we had 2 buildings proposed at the building contest.

So, it works :wink:

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Well mega builds and outposts are also taking forms of griefing.


The only admin that would really be serious and fit in current situation would not have any admin-clan, and play the game on the server he or her is admin.
Humans are humans, so what is working on some privat servers, could of course not be applied for some official ones.

And this means that you need hire an admin, or an admin crew for a server, thing what will never happen, cause of money. It’s simple.