Call to action. Conan is in danger. :)


yeah of course, you are right. But i was replying to a comment about private servers and private servers only. I know we wont have admins on official :slight_smile:


I have spent 1 year thinking about this problem with several solutions which all could be countered by someone really bored…

The only solution to this problem is to make Brimstone Veined Rocknoses, so people can be resource-deposit-independant and build a resource farm back at their base.

This way the griefers can block anything they want, you just keep farming until they are bored and leave.

Wildcard solved this age old griefing problem in ARK with Gachas. (Dinos who shyte out crystals which hold specific resources when opened)

At the end of the day, this was so convenient, that alpha clans decided it was pointless to block areas, because what are they dominating really?


The only problem i see is on pve-conflict and pve servers it is a game breaker for alot of people that play on these types of servers and really needs to be addressed.
Im on 1041 at the minute and someone is doing it there a shame really as its got a new player base there and i think as soon as the obelisks are blocked they will move on and probably to a new game :frowning:


the only work around is gm supervision on a given region. and plz… dont be a grumpy player and acept the fact that some place will attract more people and that you will end up with neighbors.

look how close he built is base next to mine is not considered an excuse EVEN if another player was there before you or that you got there 30 minutes before someone else.


Whoa, that’s brilliant! :open_mouth: The only potential pitfall then would be someone walling off the rocknose vendors themselves.

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I love this idea. Its doesnt even make sense that there isnt a brimstone rocknose and a crystal one at that.

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I Think it can overlap non-building area some but def not encirkle. As to day one way to counter the block is that 2 or more Clans tag ther barses to a non-building zone, overlap but not cross the center of the area.

Building Limits Anyone?

you can’t point a player or a clan.
you have to sugar coat than you need to apply more sugar coating to each layers of sugar coat you add so it doesnt hurt anyones feelings when you do the report. and it MUST be a video of the game that only the admins can see on youtube… you see where this is going


hostile landclaim is just the pvp meta and reality of the game. I’ve seen countless server wars where counter claiming outside of other people’s bases to prevent them from rebuilding or to build eventual siege towers etc was the norm. I’ve seen alphas block nearly every obelisk, whole sections of the map and I’ve even seen ex alphas and guerrilla clans bitterly land claim spam the entire brimstone area just to impact bomb production. I’ve seen giant walls and whole areas of nothing but foundation and altar / vault spam with signs saying “F this server”

Never underestimate the building capabilities of petty unemployed man children with plenty of free time.

This game isn’t realistic with the minecraft cheese meta but there’s not much that can be done without fundamentally changing the landclaim system to a capture flag / or landclaim flag system (which comes with its own problems too)

Its just the nature of the game, toxic groups /individuals will exploit any method to stay in the game and force normal players to adopt some of their tactics as a means of survival. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if fighting such people is really worth your time. You can kill them over and over again, fill vaults with their sets of gear, but so long as they keep bubbles up and spam land claim while destroying your counter claim, they’re still in the game to fight another day. A lack of server moderation basically means its a free for all out there.


Time to combine the ideas expressed by the guys to achieve this complex task:

  1. Pepla:
    “We can make corridors to combine areas, and a large wall does not make sense. In areas where there are important resources to enter construction prohibition areas”

  2. dakka:
    “What if the area around the zones in question were set as “public building only”. So that any1 could then just demolish the buildings.”“The other solution is to hire 1 Admin”

  3. Glurin:
    “The only guaranteed solution is restricting building to select areas”" Next best thing is having admin"

  4. Fire:
    “And there’s only one solution. Moderation.”

  5. Talu:
    “The solution is simple, don’t play on official pvp servers”

  6. Larathiel:
    “My preference would be for intelligent moderation as it would likely be the fastest, least expensive”

  7. KDS:
    “problem official server do not have admin”“also for PVP server, at the bring Funcom is offering PVP-Fast server and each month will be wipe.
    I that is the good idea, for long term… PVP server should wiped completely maybe seasonal.”

  8. Olumat:
    “More definite solutions would be sth like in rust that limits your building radius.”

  9. Vattende:
    “the only real answer for official servers that could work are admns”

  10. kevbal:
    “Yeah man but the problem with that is trusting the Admin.”

  11. John-Baptiste:
    “I can see the best option being a structure limit for a solo player or clan.”

  12. Halcyon:
    “The only solution to this problem is to make Brimstone Veined Rocknoses, so people can be resource-deposit-independant and build a resource farm back at their base.”

  13. thoth-anon:
    “This game isn’t realistic with the minecraft cheese meta but there’s not much that can be done without fundamentally changing the landclaim system to a capture flag / or landclaim flag system (which comes with its own problems too)”

Have you proposed your own solution?


To link all/most non-building zoned and limit the area a bace can clame is the way to do i Think, Pepla you misst that parts in youre highlights.


You know… The arrow dismantling mechanic as it stands now is enough to run a griefer-proof branch-fueled economy.
It still takes time, but it’s entirely viable. I don’t know if that “feature” is intended or not… but it works perfectly for these sort of situations.

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Its not intended lol. But seeing as how resources are being blocked and not much is being done globally to prevent it. Aside from the occasional support for funcom I wouldnt blame anyone for taking advantage of the exploit. People are being punished for playing legit, does funcom really want to punish them further for finally being able to function in game? That answer regrettable is probably yes but who cares. Either trolls prevent you from playing or funcom will. lose lose scenario until you ditch the official servers.


Yeaaa, Funcom burns with napalm… I already dream of returning a bug with a drop of bombs in the loot of mobs. What would blow up everything and everyone on the official servers!

After the next depreciation of resources for construction (due to the dupe of resources), the number of buildings on the servers tends to infinity and very quickly … We have not yet seen such a number of blocks and buildings.

On good, after such flaws you need to fix everything and wipe all official servers. Because it completely destroys the balance of the game.

On the last stream of developers, I asked them - When is a wipe at official servers? To which they replied that they dont have a plans for a wipe official servers. It is necessary! After correcting this flaw… and opportunity to get under textures and more, more, more…


How many old guard players will come back and rebuild and refarm what they have build after a server vipe? Atleast on pve/pve-c? They will loose so may player and whats hapens then? Maybe if they can keep ther caracter and can keep ther loot and buildingbloks in a mailbox but still …


Each player needs a private cave instance accessible by a hearthstone. This would solve everything.

This can be a subscription service to fund the dedicated servers needed to host these instances.

Still think Brimstone Rocknoses and farming is the most realistic solution.


The best defense you have against griefers is patience, because griefers thrive on reactions and quickly lose interest in the absence of them. If you want to ensure they stick around and make things even worse, start a war with them. My old server, 1823, is a great example of how not to deal with griefers. Look up the thread in players helping players if you want to see the best of intentions destroy a server.

The other thing that’s important to keep in mind the fact that virtually everything that you need to enjoy the game can be replaced or substituted. Your epic armor and flawless weapons can be replaced, and while obtaining a specific tier 4 crafter can be a challenge, getting a tier 4 crafter is very doable with some persistence and patience. They can all make flawless star metal weapons, and they can all make flawless epic armor that is sufficient to allow you to complete any content in the game with a little research, patience and persistence.

I realize none of that seems very important when you port into a blocked obelisk and realize the only way you are getting out is to remove bracelet and either destroy your hard-earned gear or accept the fact that the griefers will be modeling it for you in the near future. But it doesn’t change the fact that its mostly true.


I understand that there will be an outflow of players. But without a wipe there is an outflow of players, from what happens. Less or more? This is a question. Many are waiting for the wipe to return to the server. Do not forget to count them too. Many players expect developers to fix bugs and glitches.

How long can this go on? Developers reduced jars production costs, approx. We ourselves will create holes on the servers among the dupes of buildings, but the production of jars is not possible without a large amount of brimstone … That’s why I created this topic. To try to resolve the issue without wipe.


Do not let griffers block it. Do something! Conan is in danger!


Dude sure, you are right. Absolutely right. Patients ends the griefer issues. Pick one person in this entire community out that paid to play this game that wants to wait for some excrement to finish griefing before they play. Not gunna happen. Only real solution is to perma ban a hand full of them and post it on the “news” when you launch conan. Let everyone know what happens.

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This may shock you but I still have friends from my launch server. :o They waited out a griefer/exploiter and returned to the official when the thing was finally VACed into oblivion. It’s not unheard of, and it’s not that passive if you think about it. They had confidence something would be done, and it was. I have seen on live stream when Funcom takes matters to hand on a PVE server. It takes time, and player interaction.