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I think you do not have to reveal your base. Mostly, I feel the thread is about remembering and recording the passing year.

The first time I took on a dragon in the unnamed city, I was mostly a lower level still. I killed one of the small ones and thought, “that wasn’t so bad.” So I poked around a little longer. Then the big one showed itself. I was jumping and hauling and doing very little damage. I ran into a wall and climbed it to a safe level to heal. I thought the dragon left, it was dark, very dark. I started to climb down, and the dragon attacked, I was scampering back up when I ran out of stamina. I fell and was thinking, “Is this where I am to die?” But the fall was very short as I landed on a ledge. I stood there, on the ledge, shooting arrows until I had nothing left to throw, then leaped into the “fire.” I fought gallantly but with the idea that I was dead already. Most of my bar was corrupted. No life, no stamina, no more arrows. I would be a great story if I could write that my “last efforts” turned into a win, but the truth is, when I saw the opportunity, I ran to safety.



some memories

EA - the old Sepermeru look :wink:

my sacred tree, the mounds

the first hyena on the wall

the black tower

fun and oddities

yelling at the gods, because it’s raining again !

Dragoneggs !

Baty and me

Midnight Grove

Jhebbal Sag

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Crom’s Playground

‘Sunset’ - cannot get tired of these…

‘Arena of Yog’ - petit arena challenge

‘The Arena’ - Players challenged


Village People

All Hallows Hunt

Island Base

Morning Exercise

Aversion Therapy @Jens_Erik

Preludes to Dune

    *had to post today: anniversary of joining this forum* :)


:green_heart:This is my jungle base on official pve-C server :green_heart: I’m the Queen of the jungle :green_heart:



Astounding builds! Completely outstanding.

The only consolation is knowing that many of the builds are either solid, filled with columns, cannot possibly be functional with craft stations, etc…? (said of course with a giant serving of complete and utter jealousy)

…time to give the players on my server a good kick! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree, there many stunning and beautiful realisations. People are very skilled and do amazing creations.

Sure, there is a difference between showbuildig, and efficient bases, that’s a fact.
Also if your server has to handle a full staff of crazy builders, it may have a hard time. :wink:

But i really enjoy watching these contests lot ! :+1:

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Some girls

It came out of the sky!

Going UP

Higher than the Sentnels



My needs are simple. At some point all the buildings have been build, all the beds have been slept. But there is no end to my urge to disembowel happless people. Please, add more organs to put on display.



These are not my finest pics but the only ones not in the External HD
Hope you enjoy. Not the most recent either :sweat_smile:





My crafter-village

Close up

Main entry

You shall not pass

Throne room

I read quite often that people have a problem pulling unconscious thralls, because thralls vanish into the ground. Somehow I can not relate to that…





Lol this is wat we deal with on ps4



Ynris’ farewell party! (guy sitting with his back to the Yog pit)



Ynris’s famous good bye party! :heart:



Uploading for Ynris, since he just joined up on the Forums…
CE related, since it is the character :stuck_out_tongue: and you guys did ask for “funny and bizarre” + fanart



Senk the Pillowdancer.

“Air Traffic Control, this is Cimmerian Airlines Archer 2. Requesting landing permission.”
“Negative, Archer 2. There are no available landing strips at the Mounds of the Dead. You are not cleared for landing. Repeat, not cleared for landing.”


Wheel of Pain Gone

Hey Punchy, I.m down here, come quick

and we survived this fall

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Some pictures from our server The Bouncers Friendly RP PVE server. We have a few mods installed mainly for building pieces.

First out, the main landmark on the server; HiPs Pyramid

Here is one from HiPs main base

And the market there

Mithra has made some great stuff over time… first out his old wizard tower

His new village

The Hunters Hand is mostly represented by the fearless Ynris. This is his Yog pit at Windrest;

And a part of his market area;

And now for a part of Janessarium;

This is part of Malakks throne room

The Engineers got their guards lined up

And at the end, some northern drama in the dark

Wanted to post more but fear it might get a bit boring… so I will stop for now :smiley:



So meanwhile Uma, from HiP went and upgraded the pyramid…

And this is Blitzys bath house

A market stall

Malakks throne a bit more up close

The comunity hub, The Forum

The Jungle Village of Potamia

A bit more from Janessarium, the village part

Honouring the dead