Call to arms promo

just hit 25, left so others could also test it, i will try to log in later to level up and continue testing.

now i got a question : tried sending the required email to with this info

promo : Call to arms
server : combat_testlive_US1
character name : palm521
Level 25 reached on july 4 2018 .

but the email was sent back . with this error message :slight_smile:

The response was:
550 Rejecting for Sender Policy Framework

i am assuming the email is not working until the promo ends? thanks in advance for any clarification.


That’s one way to make sure we follow what they said in the post. lol

Needs more lemon pledge. lol

The SPF record for your sending email domain is the problem. So fix that or use another email account. :wink:


you were right shintaidk.

sent using a different email address and it went thru… i also tried this morning using the same address i used yesterday and it bouced back.

many thanks for your input!

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