Call to Arms - TestLive Event for 500+ Patch Delivery!

This is a call to arms!

UPDATE: Servers are up and running. Happy Testing!.

Following our announcement yesterday, the team has made some very positive strides with the 500+ patch and we might be able to bring it out this week – if we can get some focus help from YOU to test it.

So we’re going to do a special TestLive event. Everyone joining us between 4th of July 2018 10PM Oslo Time and 5th of July 2018 10AM Oslo time getting to level 25 on one of your TestLive servers, will receive the next DLC arriving early August for free!

In the past we have been guilty of patching too quickly, and we are erring on the side of caution with such an important patch. But we believe that if we can just get more eyes on this to identify possible blocking issues, we can determine if it’s ready for release or if it needs more time in the oven. If after this test we see that the patch is not ready for prime time, we will take the time needed to make sure it is.

This will give us peace of mind about the stability of the patch and provide you all with an improved game experience.


  • We will wipe the characters on the TestLive Servers and would ask you to create a new character on either EU1, 2, 3 or US 1, 2. 3.
  • All buildings would remain in order to simulate a proper Live Server environment for performance stress testing.
  • The servers will also have accelerated harvest and EXP rates.
  • The test will start at 10pm CEST and end at 10am CEST.
  • Time Frame: 4th to 5th of July 2018 (10pm Oslo (4pm EST) to 10am (4am EST)
  • we expect to deploy a patch for the latest build at 10pm Oslo but would communicate if that patch is delayed.


Everyone who joins the test and reaches at least level 25 will be eligible to receive the next DLC for free. After the event, please send an e-mail to and include your server and character name. If you meet the requirements, we will e-mail you back a DLC key when the DLC launches in early August.

Here is how to join the TestLive Servers

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us get this patch ready!