Calling all PvPers! Tools of Death of re-launch!


Calling all PvPers! Tools of Death PvP has been re-launched and want YOU to raid and pillage with us. Due to recent events of asshats constantly DDOSing on previous servers…the =Ditto= clan has launched Tools of Death in hopes of recruiting legitimate players wanting action-packed PvP.

No exploits. No undermeshing. No excessive land claiming. Come play the game it was meant to be played.

Get in contact with an Admin and receive a free kit. Bring your clan and receive a T3 housing kit with a named thrall for each member. (3+ members minimum.)


Server name: Tools of Death PvP
Server IP:
Server Location: US West (Los Angeles)
Server Time Zone: Central Standard Time (UCT -6)
Server Admins: Jak (JAK Bloodstone), Grüpy (GroupSex), and Asami (evilgrimreaper)
• Harvest Amount Multiplier: 3.0
• Minion Damage Multiplier: .5
• NPC Damage Multiplier: 1.5
• Experience Amount Multiplier: 2.0
• Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 1.5
• Item Conversion Multiplier: .5
• Thrall Crafting Multiplier: .5
• Idle Thirst Multiplier: 0.5
• Active Thirst Multiplier: 1.0
• Idle Thirst Multiplier: 0.5
• Active Hunger Multiplier: 1.0
• Restrict Building Damage: On
• Building Damage Weekday Start: 3PM (PST) / 4PM (MT) / 5PM (CST) / 6PM (EST)
• Building Damage Weekday End: 9PM (PST) / 10PM (MT) / 11PM (CST) / 12AM (EST)
• Building Damage Weekend Start: 3PM (PST) / 4PM (MT) / 5PM (CST) / 6PM (EST)
• Building Damage Weekend End: 9PM (PST) / 10PM (MT) / 11 PM (CST) / 12AM (EST)
• Unconscious Time: 600 seconds
• Max Clan Size: 8
• Max Allowed Ping: 200
• Power Levels
• Starter Kits
• In-game Currency
• Map Rooms Near Every Obelisk
• Welcome Centers
• Fighting Arena
• Events
• No Wipes

Pippi mod required.