Camel and followers

Would it be possible that the camels could follow along with another follower as is the case for horses for example?

It’s a shame when you go to farm to have to choose between a following or a camel.


When they make camel a mount yes. Till then no.

That is mod territory.

Only in private servers you can have your fighters to protect you, your elephant to carry things and your mount to travel fast. Core game, they make things more challenging.

I have the notion that it is not in the plans to change this, as it is an easy change and it would be made if they wanted to.

^I’m thinking this is the most probable answer.

It would also be very nice if different type of mounts had differet types of functional survival stats also related to speed and performance at different type of Biomes.

I can imagine camels being more comfortable at the desert while horses being swfiter at steppe and grassland like biomes.

Elephants and Rhinos would be more comfortable at tropical and savannah biomes.

I believe these types of details would make raising/breeding different type of mounts but also type of pets for different biomes meaningfull and alot of fun.

This would actually be very good for the races we choose at the start. For example a Cimmerian at north against a Darfari at sub tropical biome would have clear difference at their peak performance.

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