Camel Dupe? HELP!

So this happened by complete accident and with the most mundane thing ever:

I put some spare unappetizing fish onto my camel but now every time I close out of my camel’s inventory… the five unappetizing fish are back. I can drop them, use them, eat them - and the 5 always return.

I have no idea how I got this to happen - nor do I want to re-create it. I actually just want ideas of how to get this to STOP. I’m kind of tired of those 5 fish taking up a slot on my camel :expressionless:

Are you sure this isn’t a pet feeding box continually refilling it? They usually do so 5 units of food at a time, so…


Please report this issue on the appropriate bug subforums. It’s the only way to fix it (it might or might not fix it for your current camel…)

There were others with this issue but that was in an earlier version iirc.

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