Camera done wrong

the camera is attached to a non-static object.
every swing with a weapon or any motion of the player model
causes motion like screen shaking
which causes ill effects on (some?) observers.

as the model is in constant motion, this ill effect is constant as well.

attach the camera to a static object

Is this Age of Conan or Conan Exiles?

age of conan.
is it not posted there?

just noticed that,
at character select screen,
when i rotate the character,
it rotates on different axis, depending on the animation played,
or maybe its just one axis, but it moves during animation.

i think that this is related to the camera issue,
as its probably attached to that non-static axis.

seems related to odd conversation camera views, with NPC on the ground

lacking a static reference for the camera target, and using a part of an animated model instead?

digging rocks have beautifully still camera.
middle weapon swings are tolerable.
side swings are really bad.
as is landing from a jump.

same as if you put a camera in a vehicle you need damping to keep the image still.
…to add that im not talking of introducing camera lag

standing idle on a horse makes the cam sway
also inventory model is off

Are you some kind of video game critic? You’re a couple years late

He he he, we’re lucky the servers are still up and running… and we’re talking about wrong/ non static axis? You made my day:)

seems like i am, based on my activity for quite a while.