Camera inside player heads while sitting

Game mode: single or online
Problem: cosmetic
Region: anywhere

This is kind of annoying when trying to use fir any type of events where people might want to sit their character as they can see nothing thats going on. Why not an aerial camera while sitting so people can see in third person birds eye. Its worst while sitting in aquilonian chairs, stone throne and skeleos throne.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. Make said chair
  3. Sit in said chair
  4. Get annoyed because camera is inside your head.

It’s the camera clipping with the chairs physics when your camera is against something it will closen up to you so you can see which’s why’s it’s doing that so it’s not a bug just the way the camera is setup to the chairs

Hi @Brizza, we’ll forward this issue and your feedback to our team, thank you for bringing this up.

I know exactly why it happens, that’s why I suggested an aerial bird’s eye camera but thanks for playing.

If you hook up a keyboard you can switch to the outer view. I got a wireless keyboard and it works ok but I have had that happen before with the inside head view.

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