Camera Position Option

I don’t know about other players experiences but I find the Camera off center and looking over my character’s shoulder while in 3rd person view to be not enjoyable and find it awkward to aim attacks as well as line up Foundations.

I’d like to be able to move my camera to where it is directly centered behind and above my Character for when I play in 3rd person.

A little further zoom out on the camera would be welcomed as well, not a lot maybe just double what it is now?.


Moving it would be fine indeed
but I missing the more zoom out option even more.
But yeah totally customizable placement would be the best thing.

Agreed. Luckily this can be modded. Wait till after release. If there isn’t going to be a mod for that I’m going to take a look at it myself.


Don’t forget to link your mod here. And thanx in advance. :smiley:

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