Camouflage now you see me now you don't

We have the desert,jungle, snow, murky river water and the charcoal volcano. I believe we have enough territories to actually get a equipment slot for different camouflages.Not only would it look cool. It could delay engagement time with certain enemies for pve. Obviously help with hiding in pvp.

Are you talking about military style camouflage? If so, bad idea. This is Conan not CoD.
If you’re talking about a Metal Gear Solid style of camo / disguise, ie hiding in a box, also a bad idea. “Wtf I just got killed by a bush/ rock.”
Barbarians don’t hide, they crush their enemies, drive them before them and listen to the lamentations of their women.

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Actually, there are some dyes that camo really well for each biome, try them out! ^^

Go watch the 1982 movie :slight_smile: (no, really, do… just… whatever you do, don’t watch the sequel).

Of course they do! But it’s easier if we can get close without them running away…

I love the 1982 movie, its the only true Conan movie :grin:

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I’ve watched the ‘82 movie a billion times, don’t remember any camo print in any of it. Which you could work out from the line “ crush your enemies etc”

Ah! I see you are a man of culture as well…

But, camo print, no, but you just mentioned “military style” and I’d say the whole “applying camo” scene before they enter Thulsa Doom’s temple fits.

Well, sure, but it’s become a bit of a meme, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone’s watched the movie :slight_smile:

edit: it’s very visible here:

That looks like body paint not camouflage print clothing to me.

Edit: Sorry didn’t read your whole response, enslaving thralls atm. Yeah, good point, I’ll concede it’s a type of camo but I was referring to camo print clothing. All good.

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Maybe some camouflage for the base ? Like, add leaves to a palisade so it can camouflage your base in the jungle/noob area ?

So what your saying is we end the idea of camo due to it not showing up in a movie. There are comics and books that extend past a 1hr 30min video. Conan is still a on going series .This is like saying our characters should not exist because there are no accurate link with the movie.You advertised two different games on here and obviously we wouldn’t use current generation clothing. The verb definition: Hide or disguise the presence of (a person, animal, or object) by means of camouflage.

“the war area had to be camouflaged with mud”

synonyms: disguise, hide, conceal, keep hidden, mask, screen, cover (up).

Examples:We could use mud and fiber, if you ever seen charcoal rubbed on skin it leaves a good taint of black behind, there are animal skins that can be dyed white panther, hyena, tiger. The use of scales from the dreg monster or croc could provide scales, or skins for water builds. Camo could also be stacked with paint like the video on top to insure no bodily blind spots are exposed. There are many ways we could build a camo suit for different biomes fitting this era of gaming.

Not all barbarians attack head on. In the video posted above conan used stealth to take enemies out.

What the hell are you smoking mate? I didn’t “advertise” anything, I gave two examples that were game related because this is a gaming community.
The original Conan movie was brought up by someone else.
All I did was state my opinion, if you have an issue with people having opinions that don’t align with yours you are going to find life a real struggle.
And finally, the “crush your enemies” line was an attempt at humour, I’m sorry you are so easily triggered, I won’t do it again.

Are dying your cloth not consider camouflage? what about the reptilian set? if you hide in the bush clever enough you could ambush them.

Ok you do that , thanks :slight_smile:

No dye is just a color added , camo would actually blend you in with the environment, lets say your standing next to a tree and dye your gear brown. It wouldn’t be the same if you had leafs , maybe some twigs sticking out to become a part of it. If I dye my gear green and crouch, my gear outline and engraves would be to noticeable. Now if I put a grass like camo on it would be to smooth and hard to tell a player is actually there unless walking on them.

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That mean you need a completely new set of armor for camouflage though. but if you get to close to them name will pop up above on their head, then it pointless unless Funcom conceal all the enemy name except your allies. or a new feature for the armor to hide your identity.

@Waarghh That is a good idea when equipping camo over your current gear, your name does not show to others who are not allies.

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