Camp buildings no shelter?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Eu]

I think it’s a bug but i’m not sure? Why do buildings on the map not provide Shelter? I’m talking about buildings that are not build by players…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go to npc camp.
  2. wait for sand storm!
  3. no shelter inside npc building.
  4. sad player dies to sand storm!

They do, it depends on where you stand. If you’re near walls you get some shelter.
To get full shelter the walls have to be close and the ceiling has to be low. It’s the same for player built strictures.

It really makes no sense at all. If you’re deep in a cave, you should always have full shelter and not need to climb into a crevice…

Maybe not all buildings give shelter, but all the ones I’ve checked do. (I’m thinking of temple ruins in the swamp as well as giant ruins in the desert, caves, the Black Galleon, Temple of Frost, etc…)

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yeah, i think there is something wrong with it then. Maybe my client is not getting the right readings.

Temples and caves don’t give any shelter for me. Sometimes you can find a cliff that gives a little shelter and sometimes a crevice can give you full shelter.

It might be that this is something the map devs might need to look at.

Yeah it definitely needs some adjustments.
Basically if a room is too large, no shelter!

And also if you’re not seeing any shelter at all in caves and stuff, there’s something else weird going on.

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yeah, i agree with that :slight_smile: