Can a base defended by thralls withstand an alpha clan attack?

If a base has walls requiring around 300,000 to break in and the is defended by 55 thralls, archers/fighters all T4, can they withstand an alpha clan attack? Or wh y bother having a base solo if that is not defendable?

I have an unraidable solo base.

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So Imma say something. There’s is not base that is unraidable. We are an alpha clan a total of 9 members. Trust me when I say this we can raid you in less than 3hrs. I say 3 hours because I haven’t seen your location but it might be less.


I think @Polle might potentially be referring to the fact that his/her base is unraidable because he/she plays solo…


You might be right

Ine is unraidable too :wink:positively impervious…

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If your build is undermash, then its difficult to be raid in 3 hours. That is why it is forbiten. All the other bases are possible. If like our friend @Shawnou said a clan has 9 members and you are solo, you stand no chance. My friend all they need is 3 catapults in the right distance and your walls and thralls will go down in ten minutes. Now since they are alfa they will surely have godbreaker armors and swords of crom equipped to heros. So the t4 guards meens nothing. They will break in very easy. So if you want to stay alive you have 2 options.

  1. Stay solo, but have the very valuable items in two (i forget the word :joy:) great chests. So if they manage to break in, you pick up the named workers, atribute potion for full encumbrance, pick up the items and bye-bye. If you are blocked use the midnight alchemist trick.
  2. ( best solution) join a clan or invite players to yours . Pvp is a team game. You cannot imagine how beautiful is to play this game with others. I hate pvp but i play it only because the team effort on this game is a fantastic experience. Plus don’t forget, there is no big disaster if you have someone to share. :wink:. So even if you loose all your belongings, you will never loose your knowledge and the gather back is very easy because you are not alone.

I guarantee you cant raid my base when i have my bubble activated. :slight_smile: Inside deserts gutter, fireplaces for anticlimb, you cant destroy my anticlimb or fireplaces when bubble is activated, 10x10 goes for the bubble diameter, and that matches my base.

1116 Official PvP server, feel free to try.

Nothing is unraideble

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I am tempted but farming for months to prove a point is kinda pointless right?

Like @S_A_R_G_E said nothing is unraidable and the grind just to prove to one person that is base is in fact raidable is just not worth it. If you would be an alpha clan on a very active server my clan would come but for a solo player isn’t even worth their time, the fun just isn’t there when raiding solos.


Any base is raidable. Just in the past few days my clan has wiped an undermesh and an aqueduct ceiling base duping god bubbles with fireplaces.

I have a server where single players can fight clans .I as a admin put them in the same clan during the raid and put them back after.the problem is making understand people and getting them in the server so more people join. :slight_smile:

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What is this Midnight Alchemist??? What can it do once crafted and consumed?

A bubble doesn’t protect against projectiles anymore.

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Are you new? Yes i does. The inner bubble does 10x10 protect against projectiles.

I have a base inside, no treb can reach, so it worth for me.

Inside Deserts Gutter

It is the potion that you learn from the werewolf out of the den. You speak to this werewolf and you learn the midnight alchemist. You learn how to fix the feat and attributes potions and the potion that travels you to jembal sag, or something like this i don’t know if i spell it right. Solo players in pvp servers use this potion to spawn in to the lake of jembal sag and the to sepermeru lake. But first they change their attributes to full encumbrance. So their strategy is to have a fridge next to the alchemist with ready to use potions.

You know nothing.

I will explain it to you.

First you have to get in, thats not impossible, but its like 35 gates you have to destroy with only arrows since you cant place bombs on fence foundations.

Then when you come in, there is only 10x10 area, and i have my bubble activated, that means you CANT destroy my anticlimb, that have 35 volcano archer thralls waiting for you, which again, its not impossible to kill.

Lets say you manage to kill all of them, how will you destroy the anticlimb, inside a base that have firestroke no matter where you are?

I have 2 layers of fireplaces, you kill the first layer, you dont know that the next is waiting for you.
Instead of being arrogant and just write “you can raid it” - Then tell me how you would do it?