Can a Steam moderator fix (unmark as adult/offensive) StraysCrafts (obviously a moderator mistake)

As you can plainly see there is nothing adult or offensive on that mod page.
Please remove the classification that it is Satan’s ■■■■■■■■ immediately (lol), i.e. back to normal and not requesting age check / adult - offensive warning / no preview pic - fugly crap.

you are not on steam forum but funcom forum

This is what Stray is referring to


Unfortunately I don’t think Funcom has any control over the Steam workshop filters. @Ignasi I don’t suppose you know of a Steam contact or anything?

Hey @Straygenius

We’ve removed the blur, however the flag had to do about unauthorized use of other mods’ assets without proper attribution. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for taking off the red flag of shame.

How is that possible? If there was other modders stuff in the screenshots (which some time ago there were) they were not included in the very plain and complete list of what the mod gives. I did not think anyone could be so ignorant to believe that in any random screenshot everything there is part of the mod and provided by it (like this person sees DLC content and complains he did not get the Conan statue because it was in a screenshot and he did not understand that was DLC purchased content).

Is this person suggesting I am hijacking CE mod material? I don’t think that’s even possible, given what I assume is a compressed encrypted proprietary .pak format (I assume that’s what it is, I have not even looked at it).

Nothing the person said is real and I’m pretty sure it is impossible (I’ve never used someone else’s so called assets since HorrorMod in Morrowind & Rumare Castle in Skyrim- and that was a legit co-op (two authors) work (which was more than 10 years ago).

As far as ideas go, a Steam friend requested the umbrella and started me thinking on secret doors which will be in StraysCraftsII (I’ve already done proof of concept in 3ds max, not no collision but an actual break away door in the standard - i.e.l non DLC - wall pieces). Technically an idea must be copyright or patent to be binding and I do not ever steal ideas. I do ask fans for requests, there’s a huge difference. As an example, check with SnowHunter and ask about how I wanted to co-op on “The Dreamy Pirate” so it could be included with River Boats with only a request to be credited for my part if he would provide the airship. SnowHunter has been to busy to do anything like that and I started leasing 3ds Max so I could make the airship myself (which I have done, SnowHunter did not accept my offer). Also, Vattende (another Steam friend) suggested the problem with GiftsofMitra and GiftsofYog was that they require those shrines and people that like immersion friendly work would want religion non-specific workbenches (which is one reason StraysCrafts has one, and StraysCraftsII will have it’s own as well. I also prefer to separate the crafts if there are many to a mod specific crafting bench, to keep from cluttering up stock craft menus).

I can list all the download sites for the royalty free 3D models I got off the internet. Like the Azura (as per Elder Scrolls, not Asura) goddess on the shrine or the Lion head knocker model. Royalty free and zero cost models like these are easy enough to find but are generally quite flawed, such as no textures, a ridiculous number of polys, or super blocky. Example:

Azura Shrine

In any event those models based on free download internet contributions can be removed and replaced if needed. In the case of the airship for The Dreamy Pirate, the ship model was pure low poly garbage that had a water line as curved as a banana (and of course no balloon). I worked dozens of hours to make what is the airship I have now. In that amount of time I could have easily scratch built it, which I have started to do getting my feet wet with the drama masks (recently added to StraysThralls).

.:. Therefore, at least to me, this seems like the person who flagged I was using other modder’s assets without attribution was trolling (or, a specific list of grievances will be provided at the request at of the owning authors in which case I will fix things).


Are there modder assets in the native devkit release? Do modders need to be aware what folder stuff is coming out of and attribute if required? I was not aware a modder could have stuff in the devkit, I assuimed only Funcom owned assets.

Thanks. Your profile avatar is streaming hot I think.

People refer to me as just “stray” btw.
Apparently the genius part is still being debated.

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