Can Adults Only be an option for later?

After Funcom gets its player base big enough for this game, can you bring full nudity to consoles by having the ESRB rating changed to Adult Only (or is it permanent)? By this point parents would have already permitted or refused to permit their children to play Conan with the boobs visible, so the remaining player base would be mostly people who were old enough to see genitalia. The media backlash over nudity would be minimal or zero if this is done at a time when the spotlight is not on your company and you would have reached peak sales (some new players would trickle in but most would have it already) so no need to worry about it affecting launch at that point. Please consider it, if you think the ESRB will allow it.

FunCom can only comply. They cannot establish the rules.

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Its only a coin purse with skunk for glued to it, or a snake. I hope they completely remove it, I want to be immersed in the game, cant do that with idiots running around naked 24/7. I cant go 5 minutes without someone climbing on my builds like monkeys or jumping on my lawn, get off my lawn ya darn virgin kids, we get it, its the first time youve felt like you have a big penor, get over it.

Nudity is just an appetizer; wait until the mod main course. Time to get a modding PC.

or simply just hit every american lawmakers on the head with a truncheon and assign them to a Wheel of Patience…

If they would let all the children to witness heads been chopped off, arms and legs been swered, tons of blood everywhere, while freaking out by the sight a FEMALE nipple… GG silly gooses…

Also how feminist that system is??? Male boobs okay. female boobs… nononononoooo… It’s crazy what’s going on there… :smiley:

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