Can anybody name these items?

I found this picture on twitter and I want to know what these chairs and banners are called for my single player game.

The beds seem like stygian beds and normal beds. As for the banners i’m not sure, perhaps the upcoming Khitan stuff or a mod. Looks to be related to the black lotus though, which spawns in the jungle.

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It never even dawned on me those were beds. I mainly play single player because enjoy building. Thanks man

What walls are those? Insulated?

Black ice reinforced I believe.

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If you’re like me and didn’t know there were walls with windows, they call them frames. And the frames are available in all building types

My OCD is trippin on the failure to place ceilings the same way!


That’s the first thing I noticed. Drives me crazy :sweat_smile:

Banners are Derketo banners from Banner of the gods mod :


It defies logic that they don’t just line up the same as the one they’re joining by default. Then be able to rotate if you wish.

Drives me nanas.

What really defies logic is that even when you rotate them to look correct, sometimes they still don’t line up right when placed.

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Beware… There is no glass in the window. People can look in, and if reachable, access your ch3sts and other containers through the window. You will have items stolen. Better to save window for locations people cannot reach or at least check them after.

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I feel ya.

Its not so bad when going from stone to timber (still tricky) but anything else…
Who knows what you’re gonna get.

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