Can anyone ban these players for duping yet?

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its great for you to get that loot, even though its likely they duped the items, how can you prove it with the video. all it shows is they have a ton of items and you got it.

That’s not my video, but that clan that duped there on 1800, is the same clan that is duping on 1650. Seriously tho, for the amount of time played there is no way they can farm that much. Its just not possible.

That loot was probably moved around among different clans. who knows of its origin? if you raided that clans items after they obtained it an made a video is the previous owner the culprit? Loot can accumulate and get passed around multiple times.

In that quantity? Nice spin. You are the hero of the story, the main exploiter. You goofed up and got caught.

you are making assumptions about how it was made, it wont amount to a ban and shouldn’t unless actual proof is seen by funcom but I do not know if they could even tell. I make that assumption because they deleted all bombs after the dupe glitch.

Go to 1650 and 1800 and look at all their spam. Then talk to players who have been on those servers. Ive seen and dealt with exploiters and dupers in conan for almost 2 years. I think I can tell what Im looking at…especially at the volumes this clan has.

Funcom needs absolute proof before banning a player. It’s a business for them.

Well, that is impossible in 99% of dupers then. They can just sit back and say “we farmed it, we looted it” and their word has to be taken. Too bad that multiple people on multiple servers isn’t enough to at least get them watched.

I agree

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