Can female characters please get a feminine run back?

I agree that it appears that the character skeletons are now sharing the same animation blueprint / animation assets and it would be cool to have a feminine animation set for the women characters.

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Maybe someone decided that sharing more between the basic body and just adding the ‘extra’ bits for male/female helped with overall performance :wink:

That’s possible, though I’d have to look more closely at them to say for sure. It would explain why the new animation feels a little off though.

I cannot help but agree. Thus far I love Update 3.0, but I find myself wishing that they did not change the movement animations. I recall the last time we did this during the momentum movement update it was not well received, but I personally believe it was not just on the back of the mechanical side alone. The old movement animations felt sharp and intuitive, and our characters looked focused, purposeful and determined in their movements. While as other players have pointed out, the female characters looked strong, yet also graceful and feminine. Now our characters look, well…more akin to an exhausted football player. Like JJDancer said, we do not need to fix what is not broken, nor do we need to keep reinventing the wheel. I love the update, but I politely request we return to the old movement system once more.


Yes, Angelina Jolie was such a bad Lara Croft, I will never watch the movie again…
@Glurin, I love you man, but are you serious? My Bella with this movement and grace is slaying 4 years now. I accidentally started a female character and when I played 2 minutes I said wtf I am doing all this time, why I play male??? In this game 70% of the men I know play mainly female character and almost all of them tried female characters. Female characters in this game rules! The reason was the move set of the female character!
If they leave it this way, so be it, but, for me, it wasn’t nececary at all. Anyway, I love devs and I will support any of their decisions even if I don’t like it.


I’ve only seen a bit of this, but would like to see it reverted as well. The changes really weren’t needed and don’t make a lot of sense, aside from just looking horrible and clunky.


Can we have customizable armpit hair (opacity) as well ? :grinning:

Wholeheartedly agree, I loved the old animations and how they were feminine but still made sense for the game and the genre.

I loved the daggers-out prowling walk and the general running animations especially, but now I barely even want to look at my character because the clunky awkwardness of their movement doesn’t fit at all. It actually detracts from my desire to play the game.

Please, please revert the female animations.


The thought is what matters most even if people don’t see you that way.

This is probably a stupid question but…

Why not just sheath your weapon/tool. As far as I can tell the running animation is the old one without a weapon or tool drawn?

It will not bring back the dagger animation sadly though. However, maybe this change was done in haste to meet a deadline too. So one can always hope that they are not done working on it.

Edit: It’s actually the jog I’m referring too and not the run. Sorry.

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I meant the tools/weapons-out jog, sorry if that was a bit unclear.

The difference between the old animations and the new ones is quite jarring and the new ones are just… awkward. Like, ‘game from 2011 meant to be played in first-person’ level of awkward.

In any case, done in haste or not, it should be easy enough for them to revert the changes back until they have something more polished.


I didn’t pay too much attention, does anyone have a before/after video ?


I just watched this (Strong Independent Cimmerian Woman - 01 - CONAN EXILES (No Commentary) - YouTube) and then ran in game with a female character and you can definetly tell the difference honestly the new run is actually disgusting. I know that video is like a year ago but from what I remember it felt like the running in this video. Like the new running is litteraly like a person just standing straight up and just moving their arms and legs like there is no torso movement or sway is just a straight motion. Honestly just disgusting really. Like there is no purpose in the movement it’s oh well I’m running/walking now like if anything there should always be a purpose in what you’re doing because of how harsh the exiled lands is post to be and yet we have them running like they are talking a casual jog in the park… Like what is that funcom?

I also agree. But I’m not sure FC revert back the animation. I’m fully sceptical about them to anything on any of their games. They can’t even fix (or hot fix) main aspect of the this expansion yet (Corrupting stats for a lot of servers) and not even in testlive bugs was keep seen on live servers.

Oh yes it looks much better before, more feminine, very stylish

  1. I paid money for the pre 3.0, the so called artist said they would make it “better”, I paid full price on the game + DLC’s and I don’t find it better but a fail.
  2. And what if I build Yamatai/Khitan/Lemurian assassin? Should my character also run like Imp king?

I paid quite big money for this game, and I liked it the way it was, if it’s not the game I paid money for, then I simply won’t be playing it, I would buy the battle pass, but why should I? I can’t look at the character anymore, at least make it optional.


When the general aim of the so called artist is to get your money in exchange for his so called art, then you most definitely have a say in things.

But back on topic, the old running animations were great, if not perfect. I too would love to have them back.


Same! Why to change something that was good?


I agree the animations aren’t looking great for females atm…
Smoother combat animations is something I don’t really feel (hard to even with so much lag atm) with shields it seems somewhat smoother.