Can female characters please get a feminine run back?

Same here, hate to argue (especially when internet people get more and more angry).

When first saw the game I was in agony cause I missed the pre order DLC, where I live it’s a 3rd world country had no ads and worked on garbage truck, then had the bugs on DLC’s that I liked (paid full price) and now this… Those utterly terrible made animations.

They could at least make them optional/dependable by agility/strength stats idk, I really want to play this game but Funcom does everything that I wouldn’t play it.


They don’t. To put it bluntly, just because you don’t know what you’re talking about, doesn’t make it true.

Modders work on a subset of the game, they don’t have to support a multitude of platforms, and they don’t really answer to anyone. And I’m saying that with utmost respect for modders, by the way, and the modders I know agree with that assessment.

You’re comparing the scope of one mod, with the scope of the whole game. Devs have a lot more to work on than modders. Not only that, there’s always more work than the dev team can accomplish – and you can’t get rid of that by adding more people to the team because you run into diminishing returns when people work on the same bits of code.

Since there’s always more work than they can do, they always have to prioritize. All of the bugs and features get sorted by priority and people work on higher-priority stuff, leaving lower-priority stuff for later when they can get to it.

All software development works like this, not just games.


Thank you ! Someone print this on a large plaque made of Star Metal and place it on the login screen.


Yet you are complaining about completely negligible visual glitches or animations.
And I’m not trying to be ignorant here and dismiss YOUR personal preference and priority list. However like @CodeMage pointed out above ALL software development includes internal task-lists and actual priority assigned to each and every item on them…

The discoloration of the Yamatai warlord chest piece is simply not important enough to put ahead of other issues that actually prevent people from playing the game such as stability problems that cause crashes, game mechanics not functioning properly, exploits… etc. and as such it more than likely keeps getting pushed back on that list - since 2021 like you said - in favor of more important things.

Does the armor function? Yes… Does it somehow prevent the player from playing the game, does it crash their game? No… Are there a ton of other available armors in the game should the player dislike the visual issues? Yes…
The answers to all these questions most likely makes this particular bug the lowest priority of them all and I completely agree with that.

It’s the same with the animation… Is your character able to move? Yes? Good! (like I pointed above).
Once they fix every other bug that causes game crashes or half the playstation players missing gigantic sections of their bases etc. they will most likely come back and address these issues - unless something higher priority comes along in the meantime, which will push them back further.
That’s just how it works :slight_smile:

(And it’s not the only industry that works like this… try going to a hospital ER with some sprained ankle that already has ice on it and see how well your complaints go over with the nurses that you’ve been in the waiting room for 2 hours longer than that gunshot victim they just pushed in ahead of you!)


The powers that be have answered us.


Knew it had to be a bug.


What about the animations that are not with weapons? Like going upwards and downwards? How about the the leg movement being reduced, lowered back and wide shoulders?

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