Can funcom focus on quality than quantity of thier games

People on here talk like the game is dying or something. The player counts have remained relatively steady since release, except for a couple of spikes during DLC releases. Don’t doomsday talk when you don’t have any inside info to back up your comments, just your microscopic perspective from the 2-3 servers you might play on.



We lack sorcery. What new areas no sorcery. Water breathing magic spells. Water magic spells. I’m bored of Conan exiles. Conan exiles righ now makes me want to buy Soul Calibur VI. Playing this game as of now makes me want to buy Lego Worlds. Playing this game as of now makes me want to return to Ark. I hate going back to Ark. Pets,building and no sorcery or settlement system makes a gamer want to play other games. I’m sad now.

I was promise this great game but I feel like funcom will focus more on other games. I paid 65 dollars counting taxes on a game that not finished. I feel robbed. Full Nudity was promise. Ps4 in USA never got it.

If sorcery not here then is settlement system not a thing? Was E3 a big lie to sell more units. I brought the ***** because I was promised sorcery. Lichdom and Necromancery. The witch doctor perk no replacement to what I was promise.

They have it called under water temples.

The game is in a finished state as is. They just trimmed some elements that were originally planned. If you think that so worth crying about because you spent the equivalent of one night out with friends or a dinner with family, then please go play Lego Worlds.

Games get boring. Get over it. Otherwise we’d all still be playing whatever our favorite game back in 2012 was.

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And delivered. Works just fine on Steam. Maybe yell at Sony and Microsoft as has been explained to death.


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I agree. they could have made small battle type maps for the different gameplays.
PVP…10 v 10 raid . Teams build and protect certain lore stones. Mats are random drops and chest throughout the land. 30 minute time limit.
PVE-C…battle areans for melee combat
PVE…role play dungeon for 10 people taking on NPC’s.

all give random trophies. Different skins for weapons, etc.

Okay, well then go play what makes you happy. Frankly, I thought that you had already left. :thinking:


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