Can Funcom respect players' time for once?

Can Funcom respect players’ time for once?
I want to support the game and I did, I purchased al the dlcs and bzzarr items but that’s what I get:

  1. Super bad servers and updates. Thralls are acting weird after updates, only acting normal for a few hours after server restarts, apparently some new updates cause this.
  2. Perfectly imbalance on thralls stats. So once a while RHTS is good and then you make them a trash for an update, what is the point of this? Can’t you just buff the others to make the balance so players’ time is not wasted?
  3. All Mek vendor are gone without notice beforehand. I understand the design choice but can’t you notice the players one or two weeks beforehand, so people won’t feel the frustration of losing their grinding time?

Dev, you have every chances to do a better job and earn more of our money and you just didn’t take it.

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Welcome to the Forum Exile @GaleDeadly many of us are upset with the changes that have been made. Having read the changes for Legendary weapons have been chasing them for a couple weeks other changes we didn’t even know about. Best of luck to you :+1:

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