Can guild role permissions be edited?

I originally was using the Stygian government because that’s the one that currently appeals to me (my main is Stygian, go figure). The problem is that there are no officer roles so, as an example, only the leader can withdraw from the guild bank. I searched many times and I played around with the guild panel in-game, but I’ve not found a way to edit guild permissions so I’m not sure if there is no way or I’m just not finding it for. I really prefer to use Stygian, just a personal preference, but if permissions can’t be edited and only the leader will ever be able to withdraw from the bank (among other settings), I’ll have to pick another or suffer having to mail anything that other characters want.

Check the guild list members section…top two ranks should have bank access

but idk stygian

You can not edit guild permissions, you can only change the government. I think the hyperborean (or whatever it is called in english) is a widely used one, because you can have 10 leaders (rank 6), and a good handfull of rank 5 and 4. And the permissions are well spread over the ranks.

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Yeah, I switched to Hyborian Militia because it’s one I knew for sure had officer ranks, but I really don’t want to use that one so I’ll look at the others (I’m thinking it might be all but Stygian have officer roles but I’d have to check). It’s weird that the Stygian government roles are so limited but I guess it probably fits well lore-wise, just not quality-of-life-wise. Anyway, thanks for the answer.

You can’t edit the guild ranks, each are slightly different. Just pick a different one more suited to you. The one with Lord (sole leader), Commandants (who can do most things but can’t disband guild or change name) and Knights (who can just invite and kick) is my preferred one.