Can I block off dungeons and obelisks?

Just curious if I can do this on an official pvp server or not. I haven’t been able to really find anything on it. I’ve heard of some people getting banned and others not.

As per their specific post on the matter:

If you block access to a location that has part of a keystone fragment obtainable in it which is required to end the game if you want to remove your bracelet and escape then Funcom considers that to be an “extreme” example of griefing and a bannable offence if someone reports you with evidence.

As far as I’ve seen for many complaints about obelisks being surrounded to prevent exit from their vicinity… Funcom does not consider that to be extreme on a PvP server as other players can destroy the construction.

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I wasn’t aware that blocking things was seen as “extreme griefing” on PvP servers, just part of the environment. I’ve had the Well of Skelos locked down for a while now, with signs saying you can message me to enter or force your way through and start a war

If a dev wants to confirm that’s not allowed on PvP servers I can take down the gates

Just because PVP allows players to remove building pieces through destruction does not make blocking ok. If on Xbox for example you fall under Microsoft’s Code of Conduct for Community Standards. Trolling is on their list:

I’m on PC personally. If a dev confirms it’s against TOS I’ll definitely remove the gates, til then it acts as God protection for my main base

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Its not against any rules to block obelisks, Funcom has only stated that extreme cases (aka building a wall to block the entirety of noob river so nobody can play the game, which has happened) will be bannable.

Basically, if you could conceivably do something about it, it’s not against the rules.

add pve-c. and pve. funcom is pretty loose on the concept of caring. not many ways to say this xD

A lot of good responses, thank you for the info. My plan was to block off the new underwater dungeon, since there’s nothing you need to complete the game there and it would be super easy.

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