Can I download a backup from my gportal server to save my world when "pausing" the server?

Hi guys,

So I started renting a conan server through gportal a few months ago when we were playing Conan a lot.
But currently we almost never play it and thus I wanted to pause our server without losing all the progress we made…

Is this possible somehow or do I just have to pay basically forever to keep our progress?
Sorry if thats a stupid question or if this is the wrong forum, I am not too familiar with this stuff.

Kind regards and thank ya’ll for the help!

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Welcome to the Forum. There is a setting in Gportal server settings that allow you to make a save game have never used it so can’t instruct. You can probably call Gportal to have your server suspended for awhile here again have not tried to had a server since shortly after the game came out but some functions I have never used. @panda2605 let us know how things work for you helps everyone here. Good luck. :+1: