Can i make ticket for exploit/glitch?

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Misc/exploit
Region: EU

Logged early on today and saw all my benches empty thrall gone lost all, someone got inside my base at 1h05 am 2h00 hours after end of raid time, he took all. How possible with 4 portal then 4 doors then access trap on all floor i got many screenshot of all that was taken the guy’s name and clan.
Please funcom don’t let that away, been on Conan for over 2 years i can’t accept it.

In a private server the admin can do it.
But in official server no.
I recommend you to record a video of your base and a copy of event log. Report the player’s name, clan and server.
Possibly that player entered your base by undermeshing (undermap).
To avoid this type of cheating you must close all access to map textures.

Thanks Akirah for your reply and yes off server probs his i can’t close access to map texture where iam at hope Funcom will do something after i send an official report.

To report an infraction in an official server please read our rules here:

You can send a complaint to Ingasis, as he advises. But you will wait more than six months, and most likely your problem will not be solved. Just remember what I said. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible they snuck in while you were exiting/entering? I have bypassed multiple doors and air locks by following, hiding, and biding my time.

@Mary no responden por que así ganan más dinero, dicen tener problemas de personal, tan fácil como poner jugadores leales al juego limpio.

i dont understand you

Google translate: They do not answer because they earn more money that way, they say they have personnel problems, as easy as putting players loyal to fair play.