Can no longer join servers

I’m on console ps4. Never had an issue before but now I cannot access any server, not official or otherwise. Only single player. Was looking for solution but I’m good. Hope others with prob get assistance. Not banned and not an issue on my end (connection or otherwise). Don’t know what or why. Thanks for a pretty good 2 yrish run. Peace be with you. Stay safe and best of luck on your future endeavours. I’m done and all I know is each one of us is …a Darfari…a Zamorian…a Lemurian…a Hyborian…a Stygian…a Zingaran…a Nordheimer…(others)…and a Pict. And none of that means anything.

Sincerely Yours,

The Exiled Club

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Ive had a similar problem in pc, only diference is that cant play the oficial and battleye servers, when I disable battleye I can play but only the servers that dont need battleye, this happens to many players since patch june 16th but funcom doesnt cara a … about it.

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I played on 3 private servers over the weekend. All ps4 2 pvec 1 pvp ps4 standard console

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Sorry to hear your troubles have been the similar. Love this game, but, as an old friend said “1 step forward, 2 steps back”. I appreciate your input “I’ll let the team know”, lol

Are you a magician? Glad you can exile. Kinda seems a random type thing, I guess.

Played 4 hours or so today have a new friend from forum who could not play offline game he has been on about 10 hours today buy tomorrow he will be a level 60 server is boosted. Have been 3 new players plus 2 members on today. Only problem for me floating stairs in 2 bases and a section missing by floating stairs witchmentioned a purge but did not say what was damaged .

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