Can no longer TRADE with other players

since there is no trade mechanic in the game all players use drop, you drop the item on the ground and the other player picks it up, or you place it in an unlocked chest, these do not work anymore, if you unlock a chest it says to other player “you do not own this” same with a dropped item

I can confirm this, I made an account just now to report this and found this post. I would add that this also applies to anything “open”, such as benches and chests, you cannot access other players’ benches/chests to use recipes or put stuff in, but you can take things out of chests/benches still by scrolling and pressing Q, but you cannot do this with dropped items.

Me too. God, what atrocious quality control from a software company making millions from a product.

Yep same here. My wife and I play co-op just for fun and we had to create a guild (for two people) just so we could trade.

Whoa, this one is bad. this needs an immediate Hotfix before a horde of angry RP’ers storm Oslo. Alot of RP servers have an economy and rely on trade.

Ya several people on my server had to do this too, but it sucks for them because now they have to stay in the same guild indefinitely if they do not want to lose their stuff. Thanks for pointing that out for others tho, Clans are a workaround for this.

Finally had a friend play so I can test this after the hotfix. This problem still exists. You cannot trade loot bags. Benches are now accessible though.

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