Can not gather while encumbered

On the testlive server once encumbered I can no long gather any mats no more wood or stone or pick up branches or anything until I am unencumbered is this a bug or the way things will be come release. If it is not a bug then wow this will really increase the amount of time it takes to gather materials since it does not take long to become encumbered.

Sounds like a bug…I play test live SP and don’t have that problem

Are you sure you weren’t too close to a player building? Both Live and Testlive have a bug where materials usually blocked by a players land control “footprint”, are sometimes visible, but not collectible.

I play on Testlive Combat and do not have that problem.

Hey Ran-san that might just have been the issue. Will check again next time i am on testlive -

(shakes cain)
You youngsters don’t know how good you have it nowadays
Back in my day we couldn’t even move while encumbered, we had to drop things to be able to walk at all.
And our bases were up hill both ways.

And while you’re at it, keep off my lawn. :wink:


I would prefer it that the character cannot move once encumbrance reaches 100%. I think it is ridiculous that I can go over 200% encumbrance and still move. Grant it that is a very slow walk, but still I can move.

I think slow moving at 100 is fine. However same slow moving at 1600+ is wrong. I think you should have full move until 100 and slow move until 200 and can’t budge after that. :stuck_out_tongue: