Can not login one Character

Support seems to be non-existent in this game so I try it via the forums since it seems nobody is working on the ticket I created weeks before.

I have the problem that I cannot log in with one character. If I try I get something that looks like a bar on the screen that ticks down while trying to log me in. When it reaches the end i get an error “Operation timed out please try again later” and i throws me back to the login screen

Character: Apothekarius

Someone experienced the same ? Any tips for what i should or can do ?


In this thread two people describe the same problem:

Don’t know if they have solved it yet

Something that may be dumb; but is that character unlocked? Were you once a paid subscriber and are now a F2p player? If so than you won’t be able to play all your old characters as all the slots won’t still be unlocked.

Old pre-2016 accounts should end up with 3 slots that can be opened. Post 2016 it goes down to 1.

Thanks for your answers. I was once a subscriber and am now. Meaning i have currently a paid subscription and everything is unlocked. I can log on with one character from many years ago and can not with another.