Can not see Hardened Steel Cages

Hi there

My friends and I play on PS4 and recently got the recipe for hardened steel cages. We crafted and placed one of the cages, and it went invisible. We cant see it, cant select it to pick it up or destroy it, but we are constantly running into it, and have even glitched through the map or died by bumping into it accidentally.

We’ve turned our server off and back on, and rebooted our own clients with no luck.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if there is a fix


The crafted hardened steel cages (all types) are invisible on both the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah on xbox one s too.

Yes, this is annoying. Does anyone know how to delete my invisible cage? You can make 7 different cage types with the recipe from the Tower on Siptah. Of the seven, I can only see one while placing it. I have placed it and picked it up.

I placed one of the remaining six hoping it would turn visible once placed. No such luck.

I’m waiting for the Admin to log in to see if he can do anything about it.

PS4 Private PVE-C

Invisible on xbox as well, made sure to place it on temporary foundations when I built my first one in case of bugs.

Thought I would let you know on Conan isle of siptah the harden steel cages don’t show up to set down and when you go ahead and set it you glitch and teleport when you it that spot.

Same problem on my private server. Crafted and placed one of this steel cages and now we have an invisible Wall in our base. Can’t do anything as an Admin.

Discovered only one of the steel cages is actually visible, mind you I had to craft all of them and hover each cage over a set of temporary foundations. Deployed the sole visible one, tossed the invisible ones in the dismantling bench. Visible one works fine, can pick it up and move it. Can’t toss prisoners in it sadly.

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