Can only open one Halloween box?

I have 3 pumpkins in my inventory, just went to kill Jack of the Lantern, and I was only able to open one. Is that actually intended? Or am I going to be stuck with unopened stuff in my inventory forever?

Each time you kill jack, you get a buff (called Anima Surge) which allows you to open a pumpkin. Opening it consumes the buff though.

The next time you kill Jack you will get the buff again (no cd), so you can open multiple pumpkins per day, but you need to kill Jack for each one.

If you’re quick you can get 2 Jack kills per hour. 3 is possible, but requires a bit of luck getting a high DPS group, and then the 3rd kill will probably take ages as not many people will go in late.

Also, after the event ends, any unopened pumpkins will expire and you will then be able to open them and receive 1000 anima shards from each remaining pumpkin.

And if they really bother you and you need to get rid of them right now… just delete them. :wink:

Hey, new here. Been playing Conan almost a year. Where is this Jack? What kind of loot comes in pumpkins? Should I be doing this?

It’s at the side of the main agartha platform opposite the Gatekeeper as with other event bosses :02 past the hour.

it’s halloween themed cosmetics, a small distillate (800-1000, I believe random weapon/tali only) and some garbage to fill up your inventory (aka. single use environmental effects/items, pumpkin you put on the ground sorta deal)

Also just covering the bases, this is the SWL forum, not conan.


I’m an idiot. My apologies! Tyvm!