Can someone do the maths for me plz?

not sure what is wrong with this picture, but somehow harvesting feels bugged…
took a screenshot while the harvest i swinged was fading out, but can anyone explain to me the mathematics behind the harvesting here?

because 23965 +38 for sure d onot add up to 24k and when u do 23965+38+40 also do not sum 24000…

so Fc what is wrong here?

retried , seems they sum up on thousands and the next adds up maybe do not show exactly as they should but they r adden further down the equation… plz someone confirm… i play on official PVE (no mods or stuff)

checked inventory also
seems to work correctly

When a full stack is completed, which in the case of stone is 1000, the counter can be thrown slightly off.

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Before and after the 1k stack size by this:


Yeah, doesn’t make a lot of sense, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I reconized that too, the last times I played. Don’t know how long it is.

But when my inventory was full I stucked in 60k stones or something like this. So I made new place and the next two hits shows me +36 or 38 but still 60k.
But I thought its something because of the full inventory before. Never really checked it at the 1000 stack change but sometimes I have the feeling I see a count of thousand two times

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