Can someone explain to me why they did not implement skeletons taking any sort of stun or knockback what so ever


I am using a mouse with thumb buttons.
And a keyboard.

You keep un-equipping and re-equipping your spear. Why are you going to that effort? What does un-equipping and re-equipping gain you?

That’s animation canceling. Not glitching :smiley:

I can move again after I cancel the animation. Helps repositioning

It’s Dota 2 but same applies to Conan.
Just high level PvP stuff that PvE players don’t know.

I fundamentally disagree. The animation is there because it’s intended to be there. If you are using the game mechanics to defeat the intended animation delay, you are absolutely glitching.

I am able to PvP rather well. And I do not have to employ this tactic to be successful. I am sure that there is plenty of other “high level PvP stuff” that defeats the game being played as intended. I expect that you and I would differ on opinions on many of those, also.


I wouldn’t call it glitching, but more cheesing the broken mechanic. And cheesing is really just doing the meta thing to survive. It is no different than positioning just right to hit multiple iron nodes with one swing. I am sure it wasn’t meant to be that way, but it is such a harmless “glitch”, that no one really thinks about it as that.

I did see a post where one thing they were going to try and do is remove the dmg that was being applied when someone cancelled mid swing. That is where there is a glitch. But animation cancelling is just a part of gaming unfortunately. The only way to counter this woudl to be add in a stamina drain (a slight one) each time you switch something to/off your hot wheel. That includes heals, etc.

I disagree. Striking multiple iron or rock nodes is not a “glitch” same as what SirDaveWolf is demonstrating. In fact - some recently added content (the Silver Mine) includes an area where the rocks on the ground for breaking are distributed so tightly that the combo-mining harvest yields extremely plentiful stone. I would argue that such densely placed rocks would not have been added in this manner if this was not an intentional fair use of mining.

I do not believe that Funcom intended for barbarians to be constantly fidgeting with their weapons so that they could move away from combat faster. If they did, I will happily read and accept their remarks to that effect.

It is a matter of opinion i guess. But since you can harvest each individuallt, and the nodes give the same rng qty, i am using logic to say that me standing bewteen to nodes, with a decent amount of space and still “hitting” those nodes is an animation glitch.

And since we are assuming, i would say Funcom built in the animation cancel for the purpose of quick switching, because it doesn’t cause any negatives to do.
See, it is easy to assume.

By using logic I say they would want you to get x number per swing on nodes. And placing them tightly together is more meant for aesthetics, with the side effect being able to access both hit boxes with one swing, or in other words a glitch.

I feel both are cheesing a broken mechanic. One with a more noticeable effect than the other. there are a lot of cheese factors in the game. I am not judging if some use it ( i know i do some of the minor ones on occasion). But calling someone out like they are blatant glitchers/exploiters is not appropriate for what they are doing.

Rock nodes that are placed underneath other rock nodes, and thus cannot be seen, has not been done and designed that way for aesthetics. I suppose we can disagree here. But to me, it sounds like you are trying awfully hard to justify something that you know is working against the spirit of the game.

Striking clusters of rocks does not yield the same kind and level of advantage as disrupting the game animations in order to presumably fight more effectively. If it does not matter, and provides no real or unfair advantage, then why do it?

Also, the rock and iron nodes do not give an RNG quantity. The yield rate from each rock or node is fixed (tier of harvesting tool, and upgrades, depending).

I have asked Funcom about animation cancelling. There should not need to be any reason to assume pending their answer.

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Animation canceling is common in games.

Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch etc…

If it would’ve been an issue, Funcom would’ve fixed it by now

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I guess that makes it okay, then. Duping is also common in games.


Unless fixing it causes more problems than it solves, which is also why it’s common in games.

void CPlayer::UnequipWeapon(void * dummyData) 
        // do unequip
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I look forward to their answer, because I recall Joel specifically resisting a parry when the system was being redesigned. This left Lead Designer Oscar few options when it comes to feints, or lulls.

I don’t think animation canceling in CE is in any way close to some of the spam-fests that happen in other titles. Your fighting is crisp and smooth and your video settings are dope.

I wanna know what Funcom has to say about this. A fix is not that hard (they already did that with poke and roll).


So you agree, having multiple rock nodes in one area is a glitch, or are you saying it is intended to double the value of that node?
Because if intended to give double harvest, then duplicate gators inside each other is intended to give double harvest when they double spawn and are easier to group kill.And me stacking the bodies to get all the hide at once is intended as well. I say no on the grouped harvesting, it is me cheesing to save durability on tools. for tools, i believe the design is for every strike, you lose durability. The resourves gained for that loss is the intended values. Anything else is cheesing the system to save durability, and in some cases time.

And there is an RNG on nodes, very slight, but it is there. Survival 2 does nullify it on some resources, but the RNG is usually a 3 point window, 22-24 per strike. so each node give a slightly different amount. Obsidian gives a different yield of gold and raw ash per strike, another RNG on that resource. Some iron gives RNG on stone in it.

A cluster of iron placed too closely smacks of a dev with too little gamma on his box. I love the satisfaction of hitting 5 nodes at once on the slopes of Asagarth, but this is different – on some machines it can actually take a while of PC-chugging-along to screen-process the resources gathered in the Silver Mine. By comparison I’ve been told a doublecroc (or doubleRock or whatever creature) is a sync issue.

When I kill three crocs I try to get them all in the same spot so that with my Hard Worker perk I have as few repairs as possible. I don’t think a system where you “pay” one durability tick to “gain” one proc is fair, and it would somewhat undermine the vast RNG of killing an Elite version. IOW there may be some dependencies locked to the proc system.

Lore-wise, and consistent with the other parts of the fighting system, it looks as if skellies are supposed to be immune to “pain responses,” which I would expect is the basis of Stagger. It seems component, if I read the tea leaves properly, of an actual system of thought processes and plans. I’ve been wrong before.

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I know that the double spawn is a “Glitch”. That is my point. The hit boxes of nodes crossing over each other is a “glitch”. And my point is glitches are every where. Whether they are more cheese than cheat is the question. Since the node glitch has pretty much only a positive effect for everyone, people don’t think of it as cheesing. But a person who got good with the sticks --or in PC world the mouse and board - - they are a considered something akin to a cheater is wrong. They are both cheesy, but neither is really cheating or shows lack of skill. there is a skill to fighting and weapon swapping. there is a skill to lining as many of the hit box nodes and finding them to save durability and time while harvesting. Neither require me to do completely unnatural CE mechanics to do. Cheating is finding something you would not normally do, then doing it to circumvent normal methods. Like logging out over and over to dupe instead of farm the mats. Or storing tokens on thralls to “hide” them for use way later than intended.

Agreed. Barnes has “talked me down” some on the side. I did have a moderator respond to me privately, and agreed that this was something that needed to be looked at. But I don’t think we’ll get a genuine answer until Oscar and team get back.

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I don’t think anyone ever said it would be hard. Just that it might create other problems.

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