Can someone explain to me WTF just happened? (PlayStation 4)

I logged in this morning, and the ene entire left side of my house was gone. Tons of scaffolding, 3 small wheels, 1 medium wheel, one entire wall, a huge section of foundation, all of the chests, and thralls that were next to those walls. I also lost a huge section of floor/wall on the right side of the house.

I play every day, and some of the objects/blocks were placed recently, so I don’t think its decay… Is this the purge system? I’ve never experienced the purge, but my bar is still full, and has been full for pretty much the entire time I’ve been playing this game, so I’ve never seen anything like that happen… While I’ve been online, i’ve never gotten any warnings that a purge is going to happen either…

Was this the purge and it happened while I was offline? If so, whats the best way to keep this from happening while I’m not playing?

Or was this just a bug that destroyed hours and hours of work and I should just be pissed and move on?

We all are pissed because we wanted to enjoy this great idea and atmosphere that Bylos has taken out of the paper, but its unfinished, so we get angry for not being able to see the “full” game, but I beleive, if they don’t take too long or don’t abandon the project, Conan Exiles will become a polished masterpiece, hopefully.

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So was this just a bug then? Or was this an offline purge? As far as I’ve been told, the purge currently doesn’t work on PS4. But I have never experienced one to know for sure.

Well…there keep on being complaints of buildings dissapearing…

Amyways, if you used supports, they became decorational recently(what was the scaffolding?).
Otherwise, I wouldn’t know. Decay timer on NA/EU has been increased so there should be no worry of that in a way.

However, as I said, weird things happen.
(And…yes, this could be the purge, idk)

you said that wheels went missing. Do you mean wheels of pain?


Yeah, I had 3 lesser wheels, and one medium wheel. All were placed on ground level foundation.

Well, I don’t dare say so, but there was a bug with them and thralls that would crash the game/servers. I dont think its connected tho.

Do you know if the purge meter resets after a purge happens? Because if so then it was definitely a bug and not the purge, because my purge meter is still all the way full. =/

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Yes, the Purge meter (see: is supposed to empty afterwards.
As it does not work correctly at the moment (planned to be fixed) you could never be sure about that though (might as well be a visual bug that is not directly related to the purge)

I just wanted to add that I have gone through several purges on PS4, so they are definitely happening. I actually look forward to them because I have gotten some really nice Thralls.

How do you defend against the purge while offline? Are people just SOL? It is discouraging to even bother building, if it will all be destroyed while I’m asleep.

Only way I can think of to legitimately defend against an offline purge would be to line your entire base…or a wall around your base with palisades.

What I would say that would likely work best is boxing in your base with a wall 2-3 blocks high. Putting palisades around the entire wall on the outside. And then with the combination of spikes and your archers shooting, you shouldn’t lose anything. Unfortunately you’re gonna need an assload of archers because archery is pretty weak.

The other alternative to the archers on the wall idea is archers or fighters on the wall, placed in sandstorm or setite masks, armed with a gas orb. They’ll literally rapid fire gas orbs all over the place, hence why you put them in masks so they don’t kill themselves.

The gas orb defense is also viable in PvP if attackers don’t come with sandstorm/setite masks.

Your post does sound like you got purged, and it’s odd that your purge meter didn’t go down. In the event log, does it list how you lost anything?

Don’t expect thralls to protect your base while you sleep. They’re broken.

There have been numerous reports on the PS4 of items, structures, and entire buildings disappearing without the purge being involved, often in single player offline. Here (1) are (2) some (3) examples (4). When you can hear building pieces breaking, that means it is a different bug than the one where a building simply vanishes, and instead is related to building stability issues. Most of the people whose structures vanished had the decay system turned off and did not have a full purge meter or had purges turned off, ruling those out.

I lost chunks of my bases when several spots where declared no build zones in the pc. Not sure if that’s is what happened to you on the ps4.

Probably one of Funcoms “fixes” …with the incompetence so far displayed by them, you never know what’s going to disappear …or appear, they’re a bunch of fvckin dummies, no question about it.

Holy s***, I didn’t even know this was a thing… Yes the event log says that everything was destroyed by ‘Skeleton’ and I lost a planter to something called ‘Red Widow’.

One question regarding the orb strategy you mentioned… Do I just need to put a singular gas orb on the Thrall, and they will essentially have unlimited orbs? And if so, do those orbs affect Skeletons?

Sadly, offline purges are a thing. I’ve seen one neighbor get hit with one, I actually defended it while he wasn’t even on hoping for a named thrall to come. Of course, none did because that’s my luck. A second neighbor had half of his base gone from one. And a third neighbor, well technically 2 neighbors, had both of their bases trashed from one - they were literally almost on top of each other so one person’s purge went nuts on two separate bases.

Meanwhile I sit on a full purge meter, again for weeks without anything.

Red Widow is a spider, usually they’re by the demon spider. I wouldn’t be surprised if that had showed up during your offline purge as well. Am surprised it didn’t destroy anything. Skeletons likely came because at least one of the waves the spiders couldn’t path to your base, for whatever reason because funcom, so they spawned in your base.

One orb is all the thralls need for infinite orbs. Kinda like archers only need a bow for infinite arrows. And they do the quick throw animation, so the orbs get thrown in rapid fire style and bounce and explode everywhere, hence the need for the masks LOL. AFAIK every enemy gets damaged from gas orbs.

Can you give me some more details on how you setup your thralls to throw gaseous orbs? I did a test run on a local server, and with a 2 foundation high wall, with a row of fighters, with nothing but gaseous orbs in hand, and things didn’t work at all.

The thralls just kind of stood there not doing anything, and it wasn’t until the skeletons i spawned were through the gate and running close to the ramp up to the wall, that they attacked, and even then they ran down the wall, down the stairs, instead of throwing the orbs.

just put one in their inventory, when they agro they will throw infinite amounts of gas bombs. Best feature ever I think

Does it matter if they are archers or fighters? or rank?