Can Someone Please Explain The New Stamina Settings (Server)

We rented a server to play online together what we used to do SP separately but together, problem is that the new stamina settings are infuriating to say the least, we don’t care how many enemies we engage as long as we have a fair chance to engage them and my SO not running out of stamina and dying every five minutes.

We have put up with all the combat changes that have IMO have really diluted the combat over the last few years for PVE but the new stamina settings are the worst yet, I can’t even climb Fingerfang Rock with light armor and an Advanced Armor Flexibility Kit.

We are renting a server and I have managed to get most of the SP experience into the settings but the new stamina settings may as well be written in Sanskrit, we used to run our SP with 0.5 stamina usage and would like to replicate that in the sever settings regardless of what armor we are wearing or what we are carrying

Can someone please explain the new settings and how to do this? We have read the patch notes but other than telling us of the changes it does not really make it clear how the settings work on G-Portal, quite a few of the other settings on there are reversed compared to the SP settings offline, we have tried to set the stamina ones but are having real issues and really could do with some help.


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