Can someone tell me if anything has changed in the last 6 years?

I must have stopped around 2014/15 - i can remember that there was an event where you could get a Legendary Ring for defeating the newly(?) released Worldbosses. I something heard about a new instance. I can remember that i must have logged in a couple of years after that, to see if they were still making that crafting overhaul ( i think that was a thing even longer than 6 years ago).
Are there any game improvements still made or do appear patches just for occasional events.

It was a cloak for the worldbosses.

Since then they released a subpar mini area expansion called Vanaheim that offers a weak story, a new faction to grind and poor texturing throughout it.

They also introduced Raid Finder that rotates two weeks of t3, 3.5, 3 weeks of t4, and 3 weeks of t6. You farm it to get Atlantean Shards, of which you only get a “good” amount the first time each week you do it. You use those shards to buy legendary rings and then gems for them. The rings cost 1300 or so shards and each gem costs 1050 shards. RF also drops t3 and t4 tokens and small amounts of in game money.

They also added in t6 of course, and a 6man instance called Chaos. Chaos is where you will end up farming/grinding to get a chaos gem for your RF rings.

Then there is “Onslaught” which has two types. The first is Kuthchemes where you run around a small map with 5 other people and kill waves of mobs that increases and gets harder each wave. You do this for another type of currency and ideally you want to get to wave 15 at least once on all of your characters to unlock the ability to buy new weapons. Then you grind Kuth until you have thousands of this currency to buy the weapon(s). Then you… keep farming in the higher waves in hopes legendary gems for it drops. The goal is to get your chaos gem’s blessings to match the legendary gem you put in the weapon. These blessings add things like crit rating, offhand rating, hate decrease, hate increase, heal rating, mana tap and such.

The second portion of Onslaught people call “iceslaught” and you mostly stand stationary and kill waves of enemies. You do this for two types of gems that will go into your kuthchemes weapons.

tl;dr they added moar grind and added nothing super substantial that would bring players back long term and do not intend to add any new meaningful content.

edited to add something I forgot

They also added a pet arena where you can kill your pets over and over for faction xp for the pet arena so you can get a necklace that is either on par with t6, or in some cases, better than t6. you can also 1v1 duel people in the pvp version of the arena and gain pvp xp and such.

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Haha, that was longer than i expected. Much appreciated.
(Yeah, now i remember those millions of tokens)

For people with brains capable of processing pvp, a solo dev also added a PvP arena system on fury.