Can someone tell me why Funcom allows this crap to go on

No wonder Conan servers are dying, come on

Funcom are you joking allowing this, or just do not give a s h i t anymore. Too lazy to stop this or just do not care about officials anymore.

Again I can not say SH*T on an adult site.

So these guys are breaking all your rules, will you ban them , will you allow it to keep going on, why build a new map so people like this can just ruin it for everyone.

Calm down bro.

I suggest you follow the instructions here.

Conans servers are dying because the servers themselves are absolute trash. My server barely gets 20+ players an it lags an rubberbands all the time, constant load screens at login, these problems been there since EA because funcom went for the cheapest of the cheap server setup and Gportal provides. Instead of getting upgraded servers they just keep trying to find ways to lessen the load, limit thralls etc etc, how about rent some decent Fu*ken servers to start with.

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It’s good that this has been brought to their attention, but I feel I have to repeat what I said in the other thread:

I have to agree with William at this. Funcom needs to take care of their servers. They do the bandaidstuff for too long now.

They can´t bring a multiplayer online game to life and then blaim the people demanding official server that run stable.


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