Can’t Find Player/Clan Need Help

So everyday I’m being terrorised by a Russian clan from stealing things, foundation spamming, vault spamming & attempting to raid. We’ve been defending him off for probably 2 weeks and have spent hours looking for this guy but no luck!

He’s using black ice only from what I’ve seen. he has berserka and snow fighters only so must have a thrall wheel. He did have a map room right next to the Brimstone lake obelisk but that got destroyed. So couldn’t of been close to it.

Last night I found about 15 fighters he’s moved over to us here which I assume is some tactic he going to use to raid us.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we had something to retaliate to right now we’re fighting an invisible war.

Any ideas on where this guy could be because he must have a substantial setup for what he’s got.

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