Can’t Knockout NPCS

Game mode: [Online Co-op]
Problem: [Bug?]

No idea if this is the right forum for this inquiry but I don’t know where else to put it.

I’m unable to do knockouts on npcs(any level/type). The knock out bar doesn’t show up above their health. Tried using the different truncheons/blunt weapons, all were ineffective. It only seems to a problem on servers originating from my PS4, as my boyfriend has no issues with his single payer server on his PS4. Help?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Have my PS4, I guess?

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@xXJolynnXx I am guessing you are playing offline and something In your settings is wrong. You could try logging in and out.

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If you are playing offline comparing your boyfriend’s settings with yours will probably help you out.

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Hi @xXJolynnXx, welcome to the community!

Could you confirm if it only happens when you both play coop in your server, but not when you join your boyfriend’s?

In the line of what sestus2009 has suggested, does resetting your server settings to default and restarting the session help?

Do you recall when exactly has the issue started, or has it always been present in your singleplayer session?

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