Can’t pick up Horizontal elevators?

So yeah can’t pick up the elevators says it’s damaged, so I was like ok then tried to repair it only to find out it won’t let me repair it not sure if this is a bug or intended???

There were such issues with some other assets (on PC). Try to damage it a little if you can and then try to repair it once more.

Leave and come back, (depending on server setting)

it’ll repair and become pick up-able.
I have this issue from time to time on Ps4, Palisides, elevators, benches. I punch them by mistake trying use quick inventory. Leave area and come back usually fixes them, and lets me pick them up. (Palisides at my last purge were broken badly… came back later in day, and could pick them all up)

Again Ps4, but we tend to share issues on consoles.

Completely demolish it and put down a new elevator.

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