Can the game be salvaged?

Fast suggestions.

  1. Cheat detection. All my friends quit this game because of cheat engine and comber. But really the issue is cheat engine and always has been. It’s easy for the human eye to see, fast animations that allow you to put out a lot more dmg…10%-30% speed these people use. “how did such and such get 30 kill per mini?” People saying he’s just “pro” and you’re confused to think he is cheating is insane. Or…my favorite “dude it’s my non-combat rings” hahahaha that’s just hilarious. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if they started detecting these programs? It would be hilarious.

  2. Bunny hop skip jump. I would love to see this fixed. Perfect for classes such as barb, bear, conq so you can create extra space between you and your enemy. Classes like DT and Sin must suffer because it is harder to hit these people. “git gud bruh” doesn’t truly apply here, because you’re not using skill by simply pressing three buttons at the same time. The animation it makes looks very weird as well, taking away immersion. Most people just macro it in anyway so they never miss a ‘skip’.

  3. Jumping into walls. Fix this. Its bad for pvp and pve. People jumping into walls killing their alts during pvp events…just sad.

  4. Game developers must invest in their game to generate more interest in it. Fix the above issues and create more pvp content. Which Saga server made more money? Pvp or Pve one? Invest in PvP and people will come. If the above issues get fixed and we had some new content people would return…and stay once they found out they can’t get farmed (too hard) by hackers or exploit users.

Pvp content could include

a. New Mini maps.
b. Allowing friends to group up.
c. New pvp levels
d. remove pvp levels
e. vanity rewards
f. re work seiges so they work and are fun

on and on

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  1. There are barely any cheaters, but a lot of trash players thinking others cheat.

  2. There is nothing wrong with jump combos, sins will do it too and it helps them even more since they have faster combos. I can’t take you seriously when you say it breaks your immersion in pvp. It makes pvp funnier and more challenging instead of just standing there and doing combos.

lol “challenging”

Not only are there not many people cheating, there aren’t hardly anyone even playing because of the losers that cheat. So pretending its not a problem or has never been a problem is delusional.

I have had 0 friends stop playing because of alleged cheating (But some that stopped doing PvP). Biggest reason they stopped playing is Billing issues. That should be the number one thing to fix.

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Content or nitpicking about which playstyle should be catered to is irrelevant. Billing issues, and a shut-down strategy for the communication about them, are killing this game right now. When you give people who are literally trying to throw money your way not only a hard time, but close to zero realistic options to get in contact with you to solve the issues, you know you have a rotten company. It just blows my mind how a company can be so stupid. Fix those billing issues and for heavens sake: talk about it!


I have to agree that billing needs to be looked at. I constantly hear from fellow players about accounts going free to play because of billing issues. It even happened to me over a month ago when all I did was update the expiration date on my credit card, and bought a year’s subscription only to end up free to play. Luckily it was fixed about 3 days later, but I think i was lucky, many wait much longer.

Funcom, you have people trying to give you money and you are making it difficult and frustrating.


And I’m speaking of a time when more then 100 people played the game like it is now.

Billing definately needs fixed. I would say it should be the number 1 priority.

Funcom needs to pick one address and make it work for all payments instead of the two-

And again, as I’ve said many times before- please make subs available from the in-game store. I know it can be done. There was once a gear box (maybe for Saga, I don’t remember now) that included a 1 month sub from the store, to be purchased with Funcom points.

As for the original post, those are good suggestions for PvP- but the game itself contains PvE as well. Many things have been mentioned before- new content, etc…